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Okay, I apologize Xiao Liying squeezed her words pennies enlargement oil through her teeth, and then said I got into a private fight with my colleagues when I first got to work, instead of notifying the company leader to deal with it, do you admit your mistake This Jin Yi thought about it and felt that he femdom little dick pill Velofel Male Enhancement Pills was wrong, and couldn t help saying I admit it Since he was defending, Cao Fei s injury is still deepening, femdom little dick pill causing pennies enlargement oil him to go into shock and Libido Supplements Men pennies enlargement oil coma, do you admit your mistake I don t admit it, he did the same thing, I think he s being taken advantage of Jin Yi s smile turned cold, if it was before, he wouldn t exist in this world.

Boss, what happened Have you found the secret base Li Qing was surprised.

Got to sweat. Jiang Fan looked at the man suspiciously, You really don t know the fuck Jiang Fan asked in surprise.

It was relatively deserted here, the back door was closed tightly, and there were no guards or soldiers patrolling the door.

Therefore, in economic management and other fields, Nanyun University can be called the cradle of entrepreneurs, and Nanyun High School is not only a provincial pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills key middle school, but also a preparatory class for Nanyun University.

Jiang Fan smiled. Li Qing didn t go to the earth plane last time, so he didn t know about the three planes.

The video recorded by the spell is similar to the video recorded by the vydox male enhancement solution current video recorder.

Dai Jie felt something cold penetrate pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills into his hand, and felt a little pain.

Jiang Fan looked at the maid Xiao Ke, Hey, look, it s Miss Ruxue holding me Jiang Fan said with a chuckle, he just touched the numb point on Miss Ruxue s waist, and Miss Ruxue was already stiff there up.

Everyone on the side showed surprise, Yes, idiot, what are they Zhao Hui asked in surprise.

Jiang Fan sneered How dare you make a fool of yourself with such a small skill With a wave of Jiang Fan s pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills hand, he resorted to space isolation, and the wind on the ground and the flames in the air all brushed past Jiang Fan.

Miss Shuilian at the back pennies enlargement oil saw Jiang Fan holding Dugu Wenxiang s hand, and muttered softly, Hmph, big pervert, taking advantage of the opportunity again After the crowd walked for more than an hour, a white mountain appeared in front of them, Oh, there is Beikui Mountain ahead Xue Weijian shouted.

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I heard that the oat beer there is very good Xiao Liying was furious when she heard that, you wasted such precious time just to can i buy sex pills over the counter talk about German beer Her sense of time is very important.

And sitting in front of the desk was an interviewer, in his pennies enlargement oil twenties, wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses, Erection Medicine pennies enlargement oil refined and sophisticated, looking shrewd and capable, but Jin Yi makers of extacy male enhancement could see the shadow of arrogance.

Ouyang Zhishan continue to explain. Jiang Fan nodded, Oh, is Libido Supplements Men pennies enlargement oil there a price of cbd gummies for ed higher realm pennies enlargement oil above the Rune God Realm Jiang Fan asked curiously.

Xia Tian saw the man in front of him was very proficient in playing tricks of these upper class people, so he lost the mind to judge, but thought in his heart that he was either rich or expensive.

She was very angry when she saw everyone swimming in the water like fish.

Just as he was about to get up and take the next step, there was a sudden ed supplements walgreens commotion at the bar, and a huge figure was thrown towards the woman in front of him, obviously some unlucky ghost who was thrown out.

My mother is never at home, and the nanny cooks all the meals. I didn t even know what I ate to grow up Yunque took his hand and stopped in front of a pile of carrots, and said with a smile I know this thing.

With a wave of his hand, Jiang Fan resorted to space isolation, and then to teleportation, he dodged the old man s tight seal, and rushed towards the old man.

Yang Siyu, however, looked at Yimei who was rarely shy, and saw that the latter was very embarrassed, then she raised her lips and said with a narrow smile My sister really has a vision, a man with a lot of taste Hurriedly pennies enlargement oil rushing to the pier, a large group of people had already surrounded him.

A wounded lion is always healing in secret. One is because of pride, and the other is because of warning other enemies to take advantage of it.

his wife Liu Wenqing was congenitally weak and had been plagued by illnesses.

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Xia Tian turned around pennies enlargement oil in front of him generously, showing her graceful body unreservedly in front of his eyes, pennies enlargement oil her dexterous jade hands untied pennies enlargement oil his belt, tore off his shirt, and bit her white jade like flesh.

This killing machine has killed a lot of people Jin Yi said with a smile He just accepts orders, regardless of good or evil, regardless of justice or evil, but in the days when he has no mission, he is drunk, played countless extravagant tricks, sleep Having lived countless women and killed many people he disliked, he became an existence in that world that no one dared to offend, but he was scolded as a coward by others Coward Xia Tian widened his eyes and said, Why Because he is only superficially powerful, but has no soul Jin Yi smiled, looking at this lost little woman gave him a warm feeling, just like looking at himself a long time ago, He couldn t help but bowed his head and kissed off the remaining cream on her lips.

Jiang Fan was worried that Zhao Hui would garrison pennies enlargement oil troops outside Bailian City.

Xia Zongbing said to the soldiers, Unchain Zhao Hui The soldier was stunned, and looked at Zongbing Xia, Uh, Mr.

Jiang Fan nodded, Libido Supplements Men pennies enlargement oil Oh, it pennies enlargement oil seems that there is some secret here. Sheng Wanghong has disappeared for three months.

It s a pity that no one took his words seriously, a female bodyguard tried to uncover the quilt, and Yimei underneath was only wearing two very revealing underwear, this time, Jin Yi laughed.

The lady at the front desk was about to say that an appointment is needed to meet the chairman, but she still took a look at the nameplate in her hand first.

After the light mark passed by, several blood flowers splashed in the center of the hall.

He Hongda wanted to sleep and dared not sleep. He looked at the clock on the wall, it was getting closer, and he was a little dazed at the moment.

A few minutes after he left, Zhao Hui rushed into the Sheng Mansion with the Azure pennies enlargement oil Dragon Army and the Pink Skeleton Soldier.

They all used the Gale Technique and ran towards Dayuan City quickly.

Jiang Fan turned his head to look at Bai Xiancai and Bai Ruxue, Ruxue, Uncle Bai, you all heard it, you are the witnesses Jiang Fan smiled.

Injured someone on the pier, it was this honest man who pennies enlargement oil knocked on the door of his room at night, he also smiled like this, bumped his shoulder, the anti theft door home remedy male enhancement was deformed, and punched a big hole in the wall, and squeezed his arm into three by the way, and then went out silently, without alarming anyone.

Going up, the guard immediately screamed. How to rescue someone bitten by Top Ed Medications femdom little dick pill Qingsha Jiang Fan asked.

The old man s eyes were burning, his face was rosy, his figure was tall, and he looked very mighty.

At this moment, it is a test of skills to be blinded by the black light.

These few blows only happened in pennies enlargement oil a very short period of time. When Xiao Liying shouted to stop, Cao Fei had already passed out, and then an ambulanceman where can i get a viagra prescription in white robes came in with a stretcher.

Yeah, I dozed off too, that big pervert will definitely not come Miss Shui Lian stood up, she was the only one whose clothes can a penis pump increase your size pennies enlargement oil were not wet, because she was protected by a talisman shield, and the rain couldn t pennies enlargement oil penetrate.

Although the GoTravel pennies enlargement oil front door was dilapidated, it was closed tightly, so he didn t dare to rush in.

Jiang Fan really Top Ed Medications femdom little dick pill wanted to see the power of the blessing seal of the talisman of the Bai Chi family, nodded and said Okay, if you defeat me, I will tell you to break the spell Okay, then we ve made a deal, you Libido Supplements Men pennies enlargement oil re not allowed to play tricks Bai Ruxue nodded, pennies enlargement oil and she closed the skylight.

Qin Lan asked curiously, Uncle, were you a shot putter before you became a porter Yeah, I was almost able to participate in the Olympics Jin Yi pretended to be a deep smile, walked down the corridor, and walked to the door, but a pennies enlargement oil few policemen came in front of him, and the man first fell on Jin Yi body, couldn t help being surprised It s you Chapter 44 Who is the Iron Hand Hey, goodbye Jin Yi always feels that he has some fate with this policewoman, otherwise how could he meet again and again, but she is definitely one of the people I don t want to see, even though I pennies enlargement oil have too many people at impotence cure night.

He walked to the wall and tried to use the wall penetrating technique to pass through the wall, but was how to treat erectile dysfunction without pills blocked by a space pennies enlargement oil barrier.

It has always been kept secret and little known to the outside world.

They are the pioneers and must be the first to reach Chenzhou City.

When Jin Yi grabbed one of Cao Fei s feet with one hand, he felt a violent desire again, as if a demon was tempting him there, tear it sexual support pills for men hard, tear the garbage in his hand into two Half, so you can see the intestines and blood all over the ground.

It is better for me to support an obedient spokesperson in this port and regulate it under my own control, so that there pennies enlargement oil will be no such thing as tigers from the front door and wolves from the back door.

Over the years, he has experienced prejudice, betrayal, ridicule, femdom little dick pill Velofel Male Enhancement Pills ridicule, he just fought back with guns and knives, and washed away the shame with the blood of the enemy, but he never felt heartache, but this time the heartache came so violently, he even found that pennies enlargement oil My heart began to convulse, convulsing like when lurking dehydration in the Sahara.

Jiang Fan nodded, his face became serious, Everyone, according to our agreed plan, Zhao erectile dysfunction pills black 80 valdesta Hui and Li Qing will lead the 100,000 Azure Dragon Army as the vanguard, Wang Xu and Dai Jie will lead the 100,000 Azure Dragon Army as the central army, and the others will follow suit.

It seems that Sheng Lingyun has made a big move Boss, what kind of chess does Sheng Lingyun keep Wang Xu looked at Jiang Fan puzzled.

Xiao Xin hesitated and said, Can I just have one cup No problem The waiter knew that the two were a couple, and romance was Erection Medicine pennies enlargement oil one of the privileges of a couple.

On the lower body, there are still two black ropes around the waist and hip seam respectively, and finally meet at the cross of the thighs, and go down along the plump and tender thighs, and the two delicate calves are swinging up and down by his side Now, a pair of jade feet can be described as beautiful.

The two brothers were also stained with pennies enlargement oil cyan flocs. They touched their heads and faces.

I didn t expect you to take advantage of him Ouyang Zhi Shan shook his head.

General Xu turned pale with fright, and exclaimed, Oh, no You can t do this Jiang Fan looked at General Xu s pale face, Hehe, why are you scared Isn t your mouth very hard If you don t want Qingsha to torture you, then you can answer my questions honestly Jiang Fan smiled coldly General Xu was like a discouraged ball, Okay, I ll tell you the truth if you ask me, just please don t throw me into the iron box.

Grinning his teeth, Jiang Fan climbed up, covered in mud, the ground was soaking wet, and it was still raining lightly outside.

Sheng Wanjun looked at the big bed, and she found that the foot of the bed was off the ground, she walked to the side of the bed, Uh, this bed is wrong, it pennies enlargement oil seems to be pushed up by something Sheng Wanjun pushed the bed.

Jiang Fan smiled, Hehe, old bastard, Ximen Qing is mine now, and you still want him to save you You just GoTravel pennies enlargement oil follow me back to the Dayuan City public trial Jiang Fan said with a smile.

Miss Ruxue was so angry that she was going to explode, but she couldn t speak, her face was flushed, tears flowed out, and she cursed inwardly Jiang Fan, I, I must pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills make you die in an ugly, very ugly way.

The Najia soil corpse nodded and said Okay, the little ones are here to stare at them.

However, the prostate and ed two of them were in good spirits, Jin Yi, who was a man, had more energy after all, hugged the woman and washed his body together, then sat on the drinking table wearing a bathrobe, and there was still half a bottle of red wine left.

Seeing Jiang Fan s self confidence, Ouyang Zhishan hesitated. He had already sensed the entire Fuyuan world just now, but he did not perceive the existence of Miss Shuilian.

An atmosphere of terror, this is psychological warfare. The nightmarish killing continued, and a higher pitched scream began to float in the night sky, piercing the sky, and the unfinished building became a ghost cemetery, and the candlelight in the hall on the top floor was flickering, like a phosphorous fire, and pennies enlargement oil it looked gloomy, I don t know how many enemies are coming.

When they were about to pick her up and leave, Jin male enhancement leads Yi s voice came over, Wait The word wait is not big, but anyone can hear the coldness inside, the big guys around Jin Yi are all over 1.

Dai Lina blushed slightly. She remembered the scene of making out with Jiang Fan in the woods just now, and the residual heat in her body was still there.

A total of revenge. Hey, Li Zhenzhen, you often pout your mouth and make a fuss, like a disgusting person who puts on lipstick when you urinate on a dick s asshole.

Jiang Fan looked at the talisman that Linghu Huixiang used, and he was secretly surprised, because this woman turned out to be in the late stage of the Fuhuang realm.

Oh, you are necrotic, so people pennies enlargement oil will be very nervous Dugu Wenxiang looked nervously at pennies enlargement oil the door of the office, she was afraid of being pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills seen by the teachers of the college.

Listen to Dad s explanation Yi Yuan was about to say. Yimei interrupted displeasedly Needless to say, all cooperation projects between the company under my name and Yiyong Group have been suspended, and the joint bidding online medication store project on port development has also been withdrawn, and the profit of nearly one billion yuan has been interrupted.

Jiang Fan, who was outside the city, saw that the Azure Dragon Army had rushed into the Great Yuan City, and smiled, Well, idiot, let s go to the west gate of the Great Yuan City.

If Sheng Lingyun brings skeleton soldiers to attack us, of course we will fight.

He remembered the time when he was injured the most. I felt that there was still goodwill in my heart.

The water arrow hit its body, making a metallic sound. The flying winged silver dragon opened its sharp claws and grabbed the big water monster.

There was a little green in the red bushes. I couldn t help but worry about whether the rusty iron frame could carry the two people on it.

Jiang Fan looked at the pink pill in Ouyang Zhishan s hand, What is this Jiang Fan asked in surprise.

Three talisman throwing knives hit the pale yellow shield, and a strange thing happened.

This time it was really a turnaround. The porter was exposed to the sun and rain, and he was so tired that he was dying.

Your ability to make money is greater than the speed at which you spend it.

Chapter 57 Jin Yi naturally had a straight face. This time it was a sea turtle who came in, with a good conversation, with a touch of foreign flavor in his tone, and the whole person can be regarded as a suave and suave little boy.

Even I can count on being a minion. I admire you as a good father Already Yi Yuan s eyes darkened, pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills and his originally calm expression suddenly became serious, and he said angrily You are my pennies enlargement oil daughter, how can you talk to me like this I don t know if it s your daughter yet Yi Mei ignored Yi Yuan s reaction, and said with a faint smile, femdom little dick pill Velofel Male Enhancement Pills You and mother each have countless lovers.

The more he was like this, the less he wanted to destroy this perfection.

At pill brom in russia to kill sexual desires night, we will sneak attack Bai Liancheng Li Qing whispered. Zhao Hui nodded, Well, that s a good plan, let s do it like this Zhao Hui nodded.

Sister Shuilian, the materials are ready, where are you going to arrange the wind and thunder talisman Sheng Lingyun looked at Miss Shuilian and smiled.

Hmph, I told you, you can t escape from my grasp A figure flashed, and Miss Shui Lian came to Zhao Hui s side, and she looked at Zhao Hui coldly.

But I abducted you here Jin Yi explained and patted the seal, and the small bedroom was immediately filled with the mellow pennies enlargement oil aroma of wine, dispelling the faint smell of blood Top Ed Medications femdom little dick pill in the air.

When it was completely dark, the two regained their senses from their warmth, and then heard each other s stomach rumbling at the same time.

After the two flies left, It seems that beauties are popular. You sprayed him with soup, and he didn t have the slightest opinion.

The gangsters are most afraid of their wives and children being caught and threatened.

The flying stones buried him in the desert. At that time, he knew that the tiger would not die pennies enlargement oil It will be accepted by the sheep because it drives away the wolves, and the seriously injured tiger will be killed by the kind sheep with its horns.

The pink skeleton soldier was not damaged at all, but staggered for a while, and then made a whining sound, and swung a big hammer to hit Zhao Hui s head hard.

Fortunately, his eyesight is good, and there are street lights on the highway, and the passing vehicles have lights, the red Ferrari dexterously interspersed in the overtaking lane, leaving countless vehicles all the way like lightning, passing the monitoring speed measuring device on the road, Han Yi s walkie talkie beeped, and only the traffic police captain shouted inside The speeding party appeared 20 kilometers ahead, and the speed was measured at 390 Erection Medicine pennies enlargement oil kilometers pennies enlargement oil per hour.

Look if I won t kill you Roshan thought he had won, clasped his hands together, and broke them off immediately.

Jiang Fan showed doubts, Well, according to what you said, there are only three seals of the main rune, five seals of the emperor, and eight seals of the emperor, so it s impossible for others to achieve these Realm Jiang Fan asked in surprise.

Jiang Fan shook his head and smiled, The cultivation in the Fushen Realm is not what you imagined.

In their eyes, the old police cars in the traffic police team of Haihua City could not catch them.

Damn it, this guy pennies enlargement oil is more attractive than his father I m going to tease your Bai Chi family today, who asked you to stand up for Chen Liangmin Erection Medicine pennies enlargement oil Jiang Fan laughed secretly.

Sheng Zhiliang thought Zhao Hui was going to tell the secret of the Azure Dragon Army, so he approached Zhao Hui, Tell me Sheng Zhiliang said to Zhao Hui.

Although it is the time when the college is over, you can usually see students coming in can pain pills cause erectile dysfunction and out at the gate of the college.

I ll take you to meet my parents tonight and let them see you, okay Dugu Wenxiang looked at Jiang Fan and smiled.

I m not a good person, and I m very playful. I have had countless women, and I have no chance of being single minded Jin Yi smiled lightly, and a moment of deepness flashed in his deep eyes.

One blow, I m afraid it won t last a day Sheng Wanghong patted his head and said helplessly.

Did Han Yi see what happened inside through the hole, and began to pennies enlargement oil admire the silver faced man s plan in his heart.

As he expected, a red Ferrari stood out from the following vehicles, dexterously interspersed in the gaps in the traffic, and kept approaching the two cars, while in front, the piercing siren sounded, and a super powerful special police car stop ahead.

Jin Yi likes do auto accidents cause male performance enhancement the femdom little dick pill Velofel Male Enhancement Pills feeling of being chased by people. The pleasure of walking on the edge of life and death once made him shuttle among the tents of a terrorist organization femdom little dick pill Velofel Male Enhancement Pills for 30 days.

what else can why is pineapple good for males you do You can only let them go Jiang Fan s eyes lit up, and he smiled, Hehe, Yanyan still knows my heart Jiang on demand sex pill Fan smiled, and then waved his hands to the hall, pennies enlargement oil Come here, let Sheng Lingyun and Sheng Wanjun go As soon as Jiang Fan said this, many people were stunned, Boss, it was hard to catch these two women.

She clenched her fists and her cheeks pennies enlargement oil puffed up. Well, we ve made a plan, and we re just waiting for you to come Jiang Fan said with a pennies enlargement oil smile.

Woman, pennies enlargement oil it s very impolite to interrupt other people s good GoTravel pennies enlargement oil deeds, you know Jin Yi roared angrily, almost paralyzed by the ear piercing horn when his sword was on the verge of breaking out.

As soon as Sheng Lingyun and Sheng Wanjun enter Ziyuan City with the skeleton soldiers, the pink skeleton soldiers suddenly attack, four thousand A lot of pink skeleton soldiers are enough to destroy Sheng Wanghong s skeleton soldiers Jiang Fan said with a wicked smile.

Yi Mei looked at him very strangely, looked pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills at the noodles piled up in the bowl that was bigger than her face, frowned and said, You treat me like a pig Leave what you can t finish Jin Yi took the time to say something, and he didn t pennies enlargement oil have time to pay attention to her.

Just know how to eat Skylark helplessly flipped a sanitary ball, and pressed her small Supplement Pills face on his back.

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Not only did he smell over seas ed pills the mellow aroma of wine, but the sweet and greasy frankincense was even more intense to the soul.

Before he could turn his eyes away, he felt a knife like pennies enlargement oil gaze shot at his left side, and his temple felt a little aching.

Jiang Fan touched his chin and frowned, Well, it s possible The three caves of the cunning rabbit, Sheng Wanghong is very cunning, and the Qingfeng Mountain in Tazhou City is probably the secret base of his other skeleton soldiers.

Sheng Lingyun nodded. Miss Shuilian nodded, showing pennies enlargement oil anxiety, Yes, if I still can t catch Jiang Fan tomorrow, I m afraid I have to return to Fengya Mountain, or I will be discovered by the master.

Tang Dianxin nodded, Okay, you lead the way He went to rest with Wang Bibo.

Oh, since that s the case, the boss will kiss her a few more times, it s so funny to see her jumping up and down with anger Yan Shuai laughed.

After a long silence, she raised her head and said, Even if it s true, I won t change my mind, I will grab you, just like you did that day They found me Erection Medicine pennies enlargement oil in the factory and asked me if I would pennies enlargement oil like to Erection Medicine pennies enlargement oil continue studying, and I said yes, and you told me not to give up halfway once I made up my mind, and I should not give up until I achieve my goal Wu Yan s voice gradually became weaker, watching There was more tenderness in his eyes, but his expression became firmer.

This is not an ordinary gangster fight, but a personal fight, Hinayana capture, every hit is extremely powerful, so Xiao Xin s face is dignified.

Jiang Fan listened for a moment, with joy pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills on his face, nodded and said Very good, your plan to attack Dayuan City is very good, so we will implement it pennies enlargement oil according to this plan, but you can t send troops tomorrow, you must send troops to Dayuan City tonight.

When Jiang Fan returned to the intelligence station, he saw Princess Miaoya wandering back and forth in the yard, Miaoya, you haven t slept yet pennies enlargement oil Jiang Fan looked at Princess femdom little dick pill Miaoya and said.

Miss Shui Lian almost femdom little dick pill Velofel Male Enhancement Pills pennies enlargement oil exploded with anger, This Sheng pennies enlargement oil Zhiliang is so daring, he dared to come in even after being GoTravel pennies enlargement oil beaten out, and if you don t give me some flair, you think I, Shui Lian, is easy to bully Miss Shui Lian thought of this, She reached into her bosom, wanting to touch the talisman beast treasure and come out to deal with Sheng Zhiliang.

After Jin Yi punished this, he hugged the little woman He entered the bedroom and threw it on the bed, then picked up the extremely sexy black cloth strip pennies enlargement oil from under the nightgown and gave it to her.

You are almost twenty four. The young master of the Chen family is young pennies enlargement oil and promising, and his appearance is very handsome.

At the same time, four beer bottles smashed on the chong cao wang male sex pill all natural herbal enhancer back of his head.

The last words of Ailauyou must be read in one go. You read them separately, so it s not allowed.

Bastard, you are despicable and shameless You are bullying me again Miss Shui Lian pennies enlargement oil looked at Jiang Fan and scolded.

She saw a flash of blue light, and the blue light of the Lanma stone flew up slowly.

But when Jin Yi walked in front of her, she took off her sunglasses and smiled, the spring breeze thawed, her smile was as coquettish as a March flower, and her temperament was completely opposite.

Du Leisi breathed a sigh of relief, and shouted to Jiang Fan Jiang Fan, let s continue drinking Du Leisi yelled three times in a row, but Jiang Fan ignored it and even snored.

After Jiang Fan handled all the affairs, he came to the door of his parents room.

Dai Lina blushed slightly, and looked at Jiang Fan affectionately, Having said that, sometimes the great evil talisman master knows the secrets, and can be inferior to the evil rune spirits Especially when fighting the army Dai Lina looked at Jiang Fan.

He didn t know what happened. He thought it was Jiang Fan who came, so he ran out in a hurry.

Well, these guards are dressed like this, it must have something to do with those things, we will know what s going on when we enter the room.

Go to work, you boy Jin Yi cursed with a smile. Since saving Yimei, this kind of scene has been repeated every week.

Hey, you just asked me what my man is doing in Chunxiang Pavilion.

Du I will take at least half of it. Jiang Fan said with a smirk. The reason why Jiang Fan took half of Du Jichang s treasury was pennies enlargement oil Thunder Male Enhancement Pills to leave general property for Du Jichang on purpose.

This minister was Zhang Zichao, his counselor who had followed him for many years.

Bai Ruxue s face was flushed with anger, You still dare to talk nonsense after falling into my hands, I will tear your mouth apart later Bai Ruxue angrily said.

If it drags on for a long time, Jiang Fan will be very dangerous in Lanya City.