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We have sexual pills without side effect been watching hero male enhancement pills from the sidelines. Later, we saw that there were people coming and going in the yard.

If this hero male enhancement pills smells like this, there must be bugs. I didn t expect that there were no bugs.

Mu Guishan, you have to fight with me, otherwise I won t match you up Jiang Fan looked at Mu Guishan and said seriously.

One more person would be more dangerous. Jiang Fan, you can take Shangguan Xiaoyi with you, she is also your girlfriend Princess Miao Ya looked at Jiang Fan and smiled.

Hey, Grandma Shangguan, why do you think of me in this way I, Jiang Fan, am this kind of person I m going out to practice, and I just want to participate in the college s spell competition Jiang Fan rolled his eyes, cunning typical.

Jiang Fan comforted Dai Lina. Dai Lina frowned, Okay, let s wait until your Top Rated Energy Supplements Of 2023 hero male enhancement pills game ends tomorrow.

Uh, I didn t expect Chen Liuyan to have two men. The second man was beaten away and the first man was found.

Jiang Fan nodded, waved to Shu Fusi and Chu Feixia Okay, you can go Chu Feixia helped Shufus into the chariot, she turned her head to look at Jiang Fan, and following the coachman s shout, the chariot walked slowly.

Why viagra stops working?

Because Elder Da Yuan didn t talk about the specific situation in the Earth plane, he just told Jiang Fan that the three planes are very large, sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills and there are many strange creatures, and all creatures are classified into different levels.

Fuck you Jiang Fan shot suddenly, he kicked the masked man in black from behind, and kicked upward from under his crotch.

Naturally, there is a way for you to defeat it. The only question is how to grow your dick bigger whether you dare hero male enhancement pills to subdue the Flying Octopus Jiang Fan looked at the dragon who pierced the mountain and escaped the earth and said with a smile.

Judging from the tone of the worm, it should be that he was not afraid of flames.

As long as hero male enhancement pills you break female hormone pills through, hero male enhancement pills there will be a Fushen from the Fushen Realm to invite you to go to the Fushen Realm.

If Jiang Fan hadn t saved her, the consequences would have been disastrous.

Jiang Fan nodded, Oh, it seems that Sheng Wanghong had already considered that we would use fire spirit beasts to track them down, so they left by water.

Chunxiao GoTravel hero male enhancement pills s private room. There were people coming and going in the corridor, Jiang erectile dysfunction medicine Fan and Najia Tu Zhe opened the door and entered Chunxiao s private room, only to see a big fat man in the room making out with a woman with his body closed.

He had never seen so many beauties. Oh, beauty Patriarch Shabi shouted in blunt Dayuan dialect, and he led the tribe to stop Jiang Fan and others hero male enhancement pills from going.

Cui Yingying, stop pretending. If I knew you liked pretty faces, I would have fucked you I thought you were a pure girl back then, but I didn t expect you to become a coquettish young woman Zhu Weiba shook his head and said, There was a look of disappointment on his face, he hadn t touched Cui Yingying these days, and he only wanted to impress Cui Yingying with his heart.

If Hou Dezhu got angry, he couldn t afford to offend him, so Cao hero male enhancement pills Yali turned around and left, muttering in his mouth Damn, I don t know you How the hell did he get the ninth place in the spell competition last year, why is he so vulnerable Cao Yali returned to Zhao Hui s side, How is it Did you find anything Zhao Hui looked at Cao Yali and said.

If Fufeidao hit his eyebrows just now, he would have either died or been injured just now.

Liu Lanfang s face was flushed, and she became angry with embarrassment, Bastard, you are talking nonsense, I will kill you With a wave of Liu Lanfang s hand, a purple talisman light flashed, and there was a buzzing sound in the air, and a purple lightning hero male enhancement pills flash went straight to Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan saw City Lord sex pills at gnc Tang Xinyi s worry, and said with a hero male enhancement pills smile City Master Tang, you don t have to worry, the matter in Nanyan City is over, and nothing will happen again.

If the primordial spirit invades, that person will die Jiang hero male enhancement pills Fan explained the poison to Shangguan Xiao Yijian in detail.

More than five times. A purple ice puck flew out, and this time Jiang Fan revealed his talisman realm, and everyone was shocked, Oh, Jiang Fan turned out to be in the late stage of the talisman realm Almost everyone said in shock.

The old man glanced at Luo Lingshan and said with a smile Hehe, that s an extremely sandy place.

Jiang Fan put his arms around Shangguan Xiaoyi s waist and blocked hero male enhancement pills his mouth.

Rosasha looked at Jiang Fan Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect and showed a smile, Thank you, Jiang Fan hero male enhancement pills With Jiang Fan s words, she felt more relieved, she knew that Jiang Fan and Princess Miaoya were hero male enhancement pills very close, if Jiang Fan sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills would definitely help, the Mei family would not dare to offend Jiang Fan s.

If you find suspicious people, catch them. That person must be Sheng Wanghong spy.

It has hero male enhancement pills already experimented in the world of spells. The power of the sound wave crack is enough, it can completely smash the silk web of the flying octopus.

Shangguan Xiaoyi felt his whole body go numb, as if he had been shocked by an electric shock, and he couldn t move immediately, Oh, I really can t move, what s going on Shangguan Xiaoyi asked in surprise.

Jiang Fan looked at Mei Piyan s back and said with a sneer, Mei Piyan, I ll make you lose face tomorrow Turn you into a turtle Dean Shangguan looked at the crowd coldly, You all go back to yourselves, don t gather together Dean Shangguan waved to the students watching the excitement.

He sent people to chase me, so I fled to the Great Waterfall. Fortunately, I met you, otherwise I would fall into Master Liu again.

Thinking of this, Jiang Fan smiled, Your Majesty, don t worry, I will go to Tazhou City to investigate this matter myself, if they dare to rebel, then I will kill them.

Hey, I know everything about you, you still have a little lover outside, right Jiang Fan hero male enhancement pills said with a smile.

The wooden plane princess didn t have any pain on her face, and there was no blood coming out of her body.

A soil corpse waved his hand. The Najia earth corpse immediately walked up to Liu Lanfang, stretched out his hand and pulled Liu Lanfang s clothes, You, Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect what do you want to do hero male enhancement pills Liu Lanfang exclaimed.

Don t talk nonsense, or I ll pop chestnuts for you Jiang Fan raised his hand and said.

It hero male enhancement pills was much more powerful than the violent wind and sand dance just now.

I don t dare to ask for it Jiang Fan said hastily. Hehe, although Liu Lanfang is hero male enhancement pills a should i take male enhancement pills bit of a shrew, it steriods and penis enlargment pills s because she has misunderstood men.

The colorful anti horny tablets talismans in Jiang Fan s arms glowed hero male enhancement pills with colorful lights and hero male enhancement pills made a buzzing sound.

She tried to break Jiang Fan s space confinement. She tried several spells in a row but failed.

Shangguan Xiaoyi s face turned red, and she whispered A couple of dogs, they wouldn t do that here, would they Princess Mu Xue blushed, she was still a virgin, she hurriedly lowered her head, and said to herself Oh, this woman is really coquettish Although Luo Lingshan came from here, she also blushed, This woman is too hero male enhancement pills Rooster Dick Pill coquettish Luo Lingshan blushed.

A talisman flashed, and the space around Jiang Fan shrank instantly, Uh, the space sealing spell Jiang Fan said in surprise, he hastily resorted to space isolation, and the space around him was sealed.

The Flying Octopus Skyweb Spider now doubts that the Earth Piercer has really been transformed.

All the women immediately gave in to each other, Menglan, you should go with Jiang Fan tonight, you were talking in your sleep the other night Zhuge Lanxin giggled.

Seeing that Zhao Hui was besieging the red haired turkey beast, Najia Earth Corpse immediately smiled at the mountain escaping dragon and said, Mountain escaping earth dragon, your little wife has fallen into our hands The Earth Chuanlong turned around and saw the red haired turkey beast, and was shocked, Red the Earth Chuanlong exclaimed in surprise.

We re talking about what happened when you were training at the Royal Medical Academy Sun Menglan laughed.

This move is really powerful This time Sheng Wanghong is using both the open line and the dark line.

Walking to a pool, Jiang Fan looked at the blue liquid soaking the skull bones, What is this liquid Jiang Fan stretched out his fingers to touch the blue liquid.

The whole country knows about it. Li Qing hurriedly explained. Not only Jiang Fan, but everyone showed surprise, Uh, irwin naturals testosterone up red whats better sildenafil or tadalafil the emperor is in good health, so why did he die of illness What disease hero male enhancement pills did he die of Jiang Fan couldn t believe it, and immediately suspected that the emperor was framed by hero male enhancement pills someone.

After all, he was not an evil talisman master, and he Top Rated Energy Supplements Of 2023 hero male enhancement pills didn t know much about the things in the evil talisman master.

You are obviously a daughter and a son. The daughter has already been married, and the son has also been married long ago.

The Flying Octopus Skyweb Spider s eyes widened, it couldn t believe its own eyes, You, how can you fly The sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills Flying Sky Octopus Skyweb Spider was shocked.

After a while, the chariot chariot stopped at the entrance of the Spring Night Inn, and Shu Fusi entered the inn with Chu Feixia in his arms.

Liu Lanfang stared at Xiaofeng with wide eyes. Seeing Xiaofeng covering her mouth with a sock, she immediately retched, and Xiaofeng giggled immediately, Giggle, I didn t expect you to be pregnant with a Muggle, you will definitely Give birth to a lot of little Muggles Xiaofeng sneered.

What s your plan Huangfu Rumei looked at Jiang Fan and said, she hurriedly broke the embarrassment.

The space around Zhao Hui was immediately closed, as if he was closed in a space, he couldn t move, hero male enhancement pills he was closed in the space.

Yeah, it s a new technology, then I want to try it. Xiaofeng blushed hero male enhancement pills and said joyfully, her voice was very low.

So he told the whole story of what happened in Nanyan City in the past few days.

Hehe, spells are just one of the ways of attacking. There are many ways of attacking in the world.

Dai Lina, who was watching from the sidelines, was suddenly extremely GoTravel hero male enhancement pills nervous.

Seeing Jiang Fan lying on you in a pool of blood, Sheng Lingyun laughed loudly,, hero male enhancement pills Rooster Dick Pill Jiang Fan is Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect dead He was finally bitten to death by me I have revenge Sheng Lingyun laughed.

Zhang Wangshan said hurriedly, he saw that the black whirlwind was only a few hundred meters away from everyone.

The Najia earth corpse urinated on Chief Su s face, and Su leader was poured with hot urine, and he woke up, Boy, do you still dare to say that you are the chief guard of the city lord s mansion On Chief Su s bloody mouth.

With a flash of light, Jiang Fan and others entered the Immortal Mansion.

Hey, Fuhuang Mansion is definitely not good. We can go to Immortal Mansion to hero male enhancement pills take a bath.

This Top Rated Energy Supplements Of 2023 hero male enhancement pills time, she used a new spell she practiced this year. She saw her hands forming seals, chanting spells in causes of ed in 20 year olds her mouth, following her hands separate.

This is how Chief Su was sexual pills without side effect beaten. Uh, Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect where are those two people Who are they the manager of Fengyage asked in surprise.

Zhao Hui s face was very ugly, he looked at Jiang Fan, Hmph, Jiang Fan, don t be complacent, I ll let you taste the power of the Landslide and Earth Splitting Talisman skill Zhao Hui said angrily, with seals on his hands and chanting spells in his mouth.

You can t be soft hearted when sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills dealing with such a villain. Have you forgotten that he killed your parents When hero male enhancement pills mentioning her parents, Tao Chunhua s eyes immediately filled with hatred.

Luo Lingshan said delicately, pulling a few arms. Oh, what s going on, this is easy to Top Rated Energy Supplements Of 2023 hero male enhancement pills handle Let me do it Jiang sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills Fan smiled.

Very good, Mr. Liu is finally hero male enhancement pills here, GoTravel hero male enhancement pills so let s set up an ambush, we can t let Mr.

Jiang Fan rolled his eyes and looked at Elder Da Yuan, Uh, what benefits can I get Jiang Fan hasn t found any benefits for himself yet.

Ugh, this Jiang Fan is really unfathomable He s not afraid of Zidian Zhao Hui said in surprise, he was about to reassess Jiang Fan again, and his heart was even more uncertain.

The head of the guard led to the front of the team. He saw Jiang Fan standing in the middle of the street with his hands on his hips.

After the event is completed, the three of us will divide the world equally.

Jiang Fan looked at the Najia soil corpse, Idiot, did you find anything GoTravel hero male enhancement pills Jiang Fan asked.

He didn t want to take Shangguan Xiaoyi with him, because the Heiyin Cave was too dangerous.

With a loud bang, a hole more than three meters deep appeared on the ground.

Is he afraid of him as he said Could it be that last year s top ten hero male enhancement pills were all paper We are Chenzhou Charm Academy, we can t hero male enhancement pills be afraid, we can only challenge It s not our style to be timid, warriors, stop diving, it s time to come out and challenge The live commentator shouted.

The male enhancement pills nz Mountain Escape Dragon hastily kowtowed and said, Thank you, Great Territory Lord, for cultivating it Jiang Fan nodded, and let the mountain running dragon relax.

This was the first time that the Earth Plane monster had mutated. He did not expect the effect to be so good.

Xiaofeng on the side couldn t take it anymore, walked over and gave Liu Lanfang a slap, You re a lowly woman Look at your ass is so big and your bag is so high, you look like a slut Xiaofeng cursed.

Huangfu Rumei glared at Jiang Fan, Of course Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect we can t be sure like this.

Zhao Hui why wont my dick grow strolled up to Jiang Fan, Jiang Fan, you are really good, I thought hero male enhancement pills I was a genius, but I didn t expect you to be even more talented than me Zhao Hui looked at Jiang Fan and smiled.

He knew what the war in the human world was like, and it was the worst one.

Di Feisha stood up in surprise, she looked at Jiang Fan, You, what are you doing Di Feisha pretended to be puzzled, she still covered her face with a cloth, showing both eyes.

I carry five pieces of colorful talismans with me. He should know when we get here So what we saw in the woods just now is that they acted for me.

See Director Twenty one intelligence dr phil ed pills agents bowed and saluted together.

Liu Xialiu also followed the soldiers into the Liu Mansion. He also found the fog around him and said in hero male enhancement pills surprise, Uh, what s going on Why is there fog in the yard Just when Liu Xialiu and others were what to do to make your dick bigger puzzled, suddenly there was a loud click in the air, whoosh Whoosh Countless talisman rain arrows fell like raindrops.

Wow, this dance is so beautiful It s much more beautiful than pole dancing Najia Tu Zombie hero male enhancement pills laughed while drooling.

Oh, that Liu Lanfang didn t lie to us, did she Luo Lingshan exclaimed.

The two young monks shook their heads together and said Oh, benefactor, there is no monk Yuankong in our temple.

Fu Xiaohai turned over and got up, his face was livid, and he roared Heavenly thunder is innocent hero male enhancement pills He tried his best this time, because his mind force exceeded the limit, his nose was bleeding.

Immediately Jiang Fan looked at Shu Fusi, his eyes rolled, he was thinking about how to deal with Shu Fusi, with a smirk on the corner of his mouth, he waved to the Najia soil hero male enhancement pills corpse Stupid, come here Najia earth corpse hurriedly approached Jiang Fan, Jiang Fan whispered something into Najia earth corpse s ear, Najia earth corpse smiled and said Okay, master, you can leave him to the little one, the little one will definitely take care of him.

Crash The lake roared immediately, like a tsunami, and slapped towards Jiang Fan, the momentum was very scary.

Forget it, even if Emperor Fu escapes, it is a warning to Sheng Wanghong.

Now that he has got four spirit beads, it will be a matter of time before Princess Muxue is awakened, and there is no rush for these two days.

But Jiang Fan s ground fire rubble was not over yet, so he continued to attack, and soon Zhao Hui s earth shield was broken.

Jiang Fan said with a smile, his attitude Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect became much more relaxed.

Jiang Fan waved to the crowd, signaling where to buy viagra cvs them to go over, and Dai Lina turned her head and waved The evil talisman array has been hero male enhancement pills cracked, let s go over After Jiang Fan and others passed through the evil talisman formation, they saw a dozen of Zhu Weiba s disciples walking back and forth at the foot of Heiyin Cave, Oh, there are people patrolling under Heiyin Cave Luo Lingshan exclaimed.

His face changed slightly, because this woman is not simple, and she has reached the middle stage of Fu Yuan.

Zhao Hui didn t hero male enhancement pills speak, he frowned, turned his head to look at Hou Dezhu not far away, and saw his displeasure, as if he was thinking about something.

He was the sixth piece of colorful talisman. avatar. Xihan City is in the west of Fuyuan Realm. It is the last city in sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills the west of Fuyuan Realm.

About half an hour later, the Najia soil corpse and the iron armor panworm emerged from the ground, and the iron armor pan worm blushed and followed Najia behind, and followed the Najia soil corpse to see Jiang Fan.

Uh, this kid can actually teleport This kid is too scary It must be killed sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills Turbas said in surprise.

All people entering and leaving hero male enhancement pills must be inspected. A Salah clan guard stared at Luo Lingshan and said.

If you hit me, I ll fall Virilaxyn Rx Male Enhancement Pills down. Jiang Fan smiled, Hehe, I don t need hero male enhancement pills you to hero male enhancement pills pretend to be defeated.

Jiang Fan was very surprised. Although Sheng Lingyun was from the Sheng family, he was only a relative, not a direct relative of Sheng Wanghong.

Dean Shangguan showed a look of shock, You kid is using a space spell Dean Shangguan said in surprise.

Immediately afterwards, a stick of ham iliac bone flew out and hit Shi Mei s body.

I don t understand. What is Elder Yuan Kong doing here at Ximang Mountain There is no one around here, and there is no food or drink.

The reason why he did not appoint a prince was because he was afraid that those princes would compete for the crown prince and kill each other.

How did the skeleton disease wake up I ll report to General Qi immediately A guard leader hurried out.

Don t try to run away The Najia soil corpse grabbed Wukeya s neck, flicked his hand, and threw Wukeya in front of Jiang Fan.

But his foot was broken, and he couldn t get up, so he could only roll on the ground.

You only need to read them seven times in sequence, and the colorful symbols will open the passage to the plane.

No emotion at all. Hmph, I d rather have Muggles than you men Liu Lanfang sneered.

Okay Jiang Fan nodded. He separated his fingers and pointed his sword at the center of Princess Muxue s eyebrows.

She was going to attack Jiang Fan again. Sheng Wanjun on the side hurriedly grabbed Sheng Lingyun s arm, Sister, forget it, Jiang Fan is going to die, so we ll let him go Sheng Wanjun comforted.

You lowly servant, how dare you hero male enhancement pills hit me, I curse you for not being able to find a man, your place is full of cobwebs Liu Lanfang cursed angrily, and in a fit of anger, she uttered such vicious words.

I want to continue to pretend to be you. You are hiding in the dark.

I don t want to see this woman best herbal erection pills Jiang Fan, wait, I will take revenge on you Fei Liya roared at Jiang Fan.

It was a huge cyan boulder more than 300 meters high and 100 meters wide.

She has been there before, so of course she knows where Shangguan Xiaoyi hurts.

Hearing this, Chief Su hurriedly said Don t hit me, hero male enhancement pills I m the head of the City Lord s Mansion Before he finished speaking, the fist of the Najia earth corpse hit his mouth, and with a bang, his teeth flew out a dozen.

He hero male enhancement pills waved his hand and used the Skyfall Boulder Rune Technique, and saw a huge stone more than ten meters long and five meters wide falling from the air, facing the Fire and Thunder Rune Beast.

This person is a rare talent, and the Azure Dragon Division needs such talents.

Jiang Fan shook his head. The next morning, Jiang Fan and others returned to Chenzhou City.

  • Male Enhancement Testosterone Booster Gnc: When the manor in the center of the island appeared in front of Jin Yi, everyone was a little surprised, including Mora.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Approved By Empire Ny: It is several strips wrapped in tinfoil. Skylark took a mouthful of rice with a cat eared spoon and put it into his mouth, then picked up the stick and said, Uncle, chocolate Don t you know after looking at it Jin Yi smiled inscrutablely.
  • Penis Growth Pills For Men: You brat, you dare to eat my old lady s tofu, aren t you afraid I ll tell your little tigress Yi Fengbai leaned lazily on the recliner, raised her orchid hand, and slapped hard on the back of his hand.
  • Male Enhancement Products Without Yohimbe: En Wu Yan has always been sensible, knowing that Jin Yi s decisions can rarely be changed by others, and it would be nice if she could let him take unprotected sex after taking plan b pill back his life, but it is impossible to completely compromise.
  • Best Male Enlargement Cream: can you become a hero riding a white horse Those white skinned guys in fairy tales are all Caucasian, and they can t be tanned.

Oh, why didn t I Male Enhancement Formula sexual pills without side effect say Tang Xinyi Jiang Fan looked at Sheng Wanjun with a smile.

Sheng Wanghong grinned in pain. He looked at the leader of the guards on the ground, his eyes were closed tightly, white foam was coming out of his mouth, and his whole body was twitching, not knowing what was going on.

Make a sound. After Chen Liuyan was put down, she was about to cast a spell to attack the Najia earth corpse.

Following the action of the Najia earth corpse, the iron armor plate worm immediately let out a coquettish cry.

Uh, wait for me General Qi shouted hastily, and just as he hero male enhancement pills finished speaking, he heard a bang.

After eliminating them, we will Meet here. The Najia soil corpse showed joy, Okay, master The Najia soil corpse said happily, and the iron armor plate insect beside him also showed joy, it was about to try its new skills after mutation.

Lord Chief hero male enhancement pills Soldier, there is an expert here. This is the talisman array he set up.

A trace of surprise appeared on Sheng Lingyun s face, My purpose in coming to Nanyan City is very simple, and that is to serve as the deputy commander Sheng Lingyun said calmly.

As long as doctor on demand viagra people step on it, they will fall into the sand, and they will be stuck at the bottom and cannot get out.

Hey, let s play the game of farmer uncle transplanting rice seedlings at night, so make sure you shout loudly Jiang Fan looked at Liang Yan, Zhao Bingqian, and Li Hanyan with a smirk.

Sha Wuli nodded, After I leave, please don t embarrass the Salah tribe.

Master, your condition is too harsh. Jiang Fan can t touch you at all.

All the women knew the meaning of Jiang Fan s words, their cheeks were flushed, and the Najia earth hero male enhancement pills corpse at the door whispered Oh, the mistresses sexual pills without side effect Provarin Male Enhancement Pills are going to sing again tonight, I can t sleep, I d better find Miss Yu.

Bu Feixue showed a slight smile, Today I sensed that you were coming, so I came here.

Yuan Kong smiled wryly and said It s empty if you have a fate, and it s empty if you don t have a fate.

Oh, hero male enhancement pills Rooster Dick Pill Jiang Fan, where did you subdue the talisman beast It s so powerful Shangguan Xiaoyi asked curiously.

Huangfu Rumei nodded and hero male enhancement pills said Yes, Lingshan, Muxiang, Muxue, Xiaoyi and the others are still monitoring hero male enhancement pills there, I came back to report to you.

There are basically no plants around the sandy land, and occasionally a few big bare trees are seen.

Hey, grandma dean, try to see if you can break my spatial confinement Jiang Fan looked at the stunned dean Shangguan and smiled.

Oh, they are really inside the stone Jiang Fan said pleasantly. Liang Yan, are you all right Jiang Fan asked hastily.

In this case, space transfer is useless. The range of hero male enhancement pills Rooster Dick Pill the stone wave is too large, and it is too late to hero male enhancement pills bring everyone into the world of spells.

In can i have sex during placebo pills the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of skeleton bees Run clean.

Hehe, this is all thanks to Benefactor Jiang. Donor Jiang is here for Princess Muxue s affairs, right Abbot Jiyuan looked at Jiang Fan and said with a smile.

He circled quickly in the air for a circle, and quickly swooped down towards Jiang Fan.

Dai Lina nodded. Jiang Fan and others felled trees in the woods near Heiyin Mountain.

Although they had been together for so long, she didn hero male enhancement pills t know what happened to Sheng Lingyun before.

After hero male enhancement pills Shengwang sitting in the chariot of Fu saw Fu Huwei killed by Jiang Fan s Fu Feidao, he was suddenly taken aback, he didn t understand what kind of talisman Jiang Fan s Fu Feidao was.

When they were cheering, they saw the multi headed, multi legged thorn armored beast came out with the monster.