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The surrounding onlookers were shocked when they heard cbd oil for skin spots the words, they were all ordinary people, they couldn t provoke the Taoist priests of prime cbd gummies website the Quanzhen sect with extraordinary martial arts skills, so they took a few steps back with a huff.

He walked slowly towards Wu Dunru, with heavy steps, and when he landed, he made a huge sound of Boom Boom Boom This sound seemed to be able to knock on people s hearts, making people s hearts thump Oh Eldest brother has used his best Barbarian Bull Crashing Mountain with all his strength, and now it is impossible for Mr.

It aimed at the chest of the fat Taoist priest Lu Qingdu, who was in the Tianxuan star position, but Lu Qingdu didn t have the ability to move sideways out of thin air or lift his breath up.

Wu Xiuwen explained with a smile, it seems cbd oil for skin spots that Zhu Ziliu can t always be used cbd oil for skin spots as a shield in the future, this Huang Rong too You re a thief, I must have noticed that Zhu Ziliu is used to block arrows every time the two brothers make an outstanding move, but it seems that Huang Rong also knows that the two brothers have no malicious intentions, but they just don t want to shock the world so they pretend to be others.

At this time, Fortune seemed to be playing tricks, just teasing the animal blindly, smiling without saying a word, as if considering everyone.

The man quickly let go of the reins, his feet tightened on the horse s belly, and his upper body was covered with an iron bridge.

It is enough to test Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots whether the ice sword is sharp Cheng Ying suggested.

Everyone took their positions, surrounded by people, and took a closer look, until they could see the face of the person clearly through the moonlight, and they couldn t help taking a breath.

Is Cbd Oil Legal In Ireland

I wonder if Brother Yang is interested in listening to it In fact, no matter whether Yang Guo agrees or not, Wu Dunru will speak out.

Wu Xiuwen cbd oil for skin spots said in a resolute tone, and then he took out a porcelain bottle from his bosom and said, Here are a few pills, which are very good for her recovery.

Of course, this set of small grappling hands is just a relatively simple set of martial arts learned by Wu Xiuwen from their elders when they were in Dali.

Just as you were coming and going, Li Mochou suddenly exerted her strength, and saw her long sword hit the cbd oil for skin spots three of them separately, the point of the sword pierced the vital points of the three of them almost indiscriminately.

If this young man is Mu Nianci s son, he must have practiced the same martial arts.

The square inch chessboard will be left in the shop first, and we ll come over tomorrow morning to pick it up with the crocodile mouth scissors.

If he is cbd oil for skin spots Charles Stanley Cbd Gummies really bored, he will go to the rivers and lakes GoTravel cbd oil for skin spots for a while.

Since they have accepted the fact of rebirth and their current identities, let s keep everything in their past lives in their hearts First of all, we must ensure Wu Sanniang s safety, and second, we must see if we can save the lives of everyone in Lujiazhuang.

You should It s nothing serious, but you re just unconscious, making my mother anxious to death The woman saw that Wu Chengru just looked at her and didn t speak, her eyes were full of confusion, and she thought it was because the child just woke up and didn t recover, I want to come to Xiuwen and I m going to wake up soon, take a rest, mother will go get you some food.

Although he knew it was impossible, he still couldn t help but half jokingly and half seriously said Dunru and Xiuwen are destined to be with my Buddha.

Since Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen were reborn, especially in the recent period, they have had many adventures.

Wu Chengru fixed his eyes on the little boy Cbd Charlotte Web prime cbd gummies website next to him, his mind was running fast thinking about what was going on, Boom A strong sense of dizziness came from his mind, and Wu Chengru fell into a coma Cbd Charlotte Web prime cbd gummies website again.

My name is Wu Dunru, and this is She Brother prime cbd gummies website Cbd Oil In Texas Legal Wu Xiuwen, now worships the hero Guo Jing cbd gummies kansas city mo as his teacher and learns Taohua Island.

Wearing blue cloth straight embroidered, around the neck is a baby s brocade bib, embroidered with a picture of a cat fluttering a butterfly, already old and tattered.

This place is not so much a cliff as it is more like a big rift valley.

As for Zhao Zhijing and the others, we will definitely give you a satisfactory Cbd Charlotte Web prime cbd gummies website explanation.

Wu Dunru explained why he discovered Yang Guo s problem in a disguised form, so that he would not mistakenly think that he had ulterior motives.

Especially when Yang Guo was apprenticed to the teacher, because of the previous series of events, Huang Rong didn t play tricks like in the original book, but she encouraged her with kind words.

go. The four of them felt annoyed for a while, but Wu Dunru was stable after all, and it didn t show on his face.

Although Guo Fu cbd oil for skin spots didn t prime cbd gummies website Cbd Oil In Texas Legal dare to be lazy and skip class, she was indeed a bit stupid compared to the others.

The four lamas on the side shrank their necks in fright, and quickly said yes, it seems that the head lama is usually very fierce, and even a few brothers who are with him are afraid that he is very scared, no wonder he was still making noise.

With cute expressions, everyone laughed, even Lone Pine grinned slightly.

The two weapons were brought over, and Wu Santong took over the square inch chessboard, and danced a few times vigorously, feeling very good at it, couldn t help laughing, and burst into pride It s a good thing that Li Mochou doesn t come tomorrow, but he will come I also want to fight her, even if I can t beat her with one move, I will never lose easily.

Swimming over again, Wu Xiuwen gestured and explained that Rufeng probably understood what he meant, and took the lead to swim out of the valley.

Unexpectedly, not long after meeting Guo Jing, Huang Yaoshi was upset.

Ours. We have experienced the turbulent, colorful and wonderful world in the previous life.

Chapter 24 Finally Seeing Yang Guo Guo Jing was pleasantly cbd oil for skin spots surprised by Guo Fu s eagerness to learn at this prime cbd gummies website Cbd Oil In Texas Legal time.

I have fought for more than a dozen rounds, and I can see that I can handle it with ease, which is a good opportunity for exercise.

The black faced Taoist priest stood up enduring the pain. Reluctantly drew out the long sword to resist the attack of the second daughter, but he was seriously injured.

The Qingfeng Soft recommended mg of cbd gummy Sword in his hand turned strangely Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots like a poisonous snake, and the tip of the sword had already pierced the officer s throat.

Originally, according cbd oil for skin spots to cbd oil for skin spots the nature of the snow mountain mink clan for hundreds of millions of years, it would not eat anything except sweet snow and Tianshan snow lotus.

Full of nonsense My family teacher is exactly the Uncle Zhao Zhijing you mentioned.

Do you think you guys who are good at lightness kung fu like to wear all black Wu Xiuwen asked jokingly.

Exactly Exactly You are interesting, little doll, why not us the old naughty boy said with a beaming smile.

How could Yang Guo buy his account, a war of words made Lu Qingdu s lungs almost explode with anger.

The two knives twirled deftly in his hands, and the tip of the curved knives pointed downward, like a cat pouncing on a mouse, he rushed towards Liuyun Shi, and directly attacked Liuyun Shi Shang.

If Yin Zhiping can be pulled back to cbd oil for skin spots the right path, it can still leave a slightly better seed for Quanzhen Sect.

In the afternoon, everyone was busy with their own affairs, and there was nothing special about it.

How many gambling shops have a special sign on the door. You are full spectrum cbd oil 1000 mg v canna comforts cbd oil 1000 mg prohibited Three, come in Taoist Jingxu blushed and his neck was thick all of a sudden.

Wu Xiuwen said embarrassedly, and couldn t help scratching his head.

Maybe this is the same reason The elated Guo Fu hugged the soft haired Snow Mountain God Mink and rubbed it intimately.

The two cbd oil for skin spots brothers also prime cbd gummies website came together to watch the battle outside. Li Mochou still didn t do anything, she looked at Lu Liding quietly, her expression was sometimes joyful and sometimes painful.

When we parted outside the main hall, Yang Guo said reluctantly, We just met, and you two are leaving again.

They were surrounded by a pair of Mongolian officers and soldiers, saying that they were escorting prohibited items.

I arizer air cbd oil have no self, King Kong subdues the devil, Dividing muscles and bones, Dharma flicking sleeves, One Yang finger, Phasingless Vajra, Nanshan Boxing, and even mixed with a few tricks Miaoshou Empty Hands and Kong Ming Fist moves easily neutralized Zhao Zhijing s attacks from Quanzhen swordsmanship such as Stars Spreading the Stars, Placing the Stars and Wearing the Moon, All the Stars Gathering the Moon, Stars and the Moon Intersecting Brightness and so on.

Cheng Ying struck the black faced Taoist priest s long sword with a move of Golden Sound cbd oil for skin spots Bulk Cbd Pills cbd oil for skin spots and Jade Vibration, causing a burst of cbd oil for skin spots suction from his internal force.

Suddenly, huge waves rose from the ground, one wave was higher than the other, and the waves were as fierce as the other waves.

If you don t ask, you will embarrass our teenagers as soon as you show up.

Isn t it several decades Wouldn t it be boring to be alone Guo Fu wondered.

The thin and cbd oil for skin spots tall Taoist priest saw that the situation was not right, and he would be dragged down in a short time, so he hurriedly shouted Change formation The law will definitely confuse Wu Dunru s eyes.

The three of Wu Dunru were careful not to be discovered by how many hits off cbd oil for a good dosage the big ugly and the black faced Taoist priests, and followed them all the way to the gate of the city, only to see them questioning the Mongolian soldiers guarding the gate, who shook their heads repeatedly, and Er Chou punched and kicked them After cursing, he headed out of the city.

The Bailian Refined Steel is mixed with a very rare black iron that is a special product in Shanxi.

It hasn t completely GoTravel cbd oil for skin spots transformed and absorbed, but it s already under control.

Just about to work harder. Drop the knife quickly. With one blow, Liu Yunshi s leg was disabled. Just when Liuyunshi s feet were less than a foot away from Shiyun s wrist, and when the scimitar with ox cbd oil for skin spots horns was about to pierce his foot, he heard a With a flying knife in its handle, the cold light flashed and went straight to Shi Yun s wrist with lightning speed.

it seems that a lot of effort has been put into this pair of scimitars.

It seems that there will be one more task in the future, which is to slowly educate and change this younger brother.

In another room, Wu Sanniang pulled Wu Dunru over and explained the temporary placement of them in the dilapidated pottery kiln tomorrow You also know that tomorrow we will have a meeting with the notorious Chilian Fairy Li Mochou.

He saw Yang Guo playing with his friends. He was very happy, and he Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots was also very happy, and he thought complacently My good son is still amazing Although such a group of little dolls are currently better than Cbd Charlotte Web prime cbd gummies website the good son Yang Guo, this is only temporary.

The sky was gloomy, with only a few scattered stars cbd oil witb hundred dollar bill on label dotted on the night sky.

Shi Yun quickly collected his mind and dealt with it carefully, cbd oil for skin spots a pair of horned scimitars and the sharp blades of Liu Yunshi s shoes made a jingling There was a rush of impact, and Shi Yun felt a sharp cold air running along the weapons that were in contact with each other.

Thanks to the book friend Yue Luo for his encouragement and reward.

Hehe I have mainly been active in Shanxi cbd oil for skin spots and Shaanxi these years, and I am familiar with all the famous cbd oil for skin spots and surnamed people in the rivers and lakes, let alone heroes who resisted Mongolia.

There are areas where they exist, and other ordinary snakes are difficult to survive.

After putting them down, the boatman gave them some good luck, then went down the river, and then turned into a tributary river and disappeared.

My father told me that if he and my mother had any accidents, and I was lucky enough to escape the catastrophe, I could go back to Lujiazhuang Find the secret book in the bottom mezzanine of the bookcase in the study room, but Bulk Cbd Pills cbd oil for skin spots you must not let anyone know it, so as not to cause Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots a disaster.

The Taoist surnamed Li hastily mobilized the internal energy of his dantian, frantically urged the long sword in his hand, under the violent shock of Bulk Cbd Pills cbd oil for skin spots internal energy, he used slightly higher skill to shake away Wu Xiuwen s soft sword, and finally got rid of it.

Oh cbd oil for skin spots It s the old cbd oil for skin spots Charles Stanley Cbd Gummies man who is here Let s wait for a while, and then go rush to welcome the old man in and leave before it s too late Taoist Jingxu screamed, and immediately pulled himself out Going away, the silent monk also showed joy, followed closely behind, Wu Dunru wondered who is here again But at this hippie jack cbd oil time Taoist priest Jingxu went out of his usual way and stopped rambling.

It turned out that since cbd oil for skin spots leaving Peach Blossom Island, all the way, no matter adults or children, they couldn t help but be envious when they saw Guo Fu s pair of big white eagles with extraordinary horses, and even more rare human nature.

Fate is familiar with the location and leads Wu Xiuwen to flee at high speed in the mountains and forests.

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It is a good way to motivate the juniors who are unwilling to admit defeat.

Wu Dunru waved his palms and directly cast the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms to meet the cbd oil for skin spots mithril dragon headed subduing magic wand of the Silver Staff King.

Well, this time I will let you know how powerful I am Otherwise, I really wouldn t know how powerful I am, Second Master Wu After finishing speaking, Wu Xiuwen closed the prime cbd gummies website Cbd Oil In Texas Legal folding fan with a snap, put it behind his waist, and with a flick of his right hand, a three foot long whip appeared out of thin air as if by magic.

After a chat, they looked up and saw that the sky had gradually brightened.

When they met Liu Suifeng, the descendant of Liu Qing in Three Heroes and Five Righteousness, they didn t realize this problem, but thought it might be a cbd oil for skin spots coincidence.

right now I m probably sleeping like a dead pig. The boss smiled and said in a low voice, It s not convenient for me to go into the room of these Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots two girls, after all, I ll go to the room of those two boys Room.

He has been in our shop for two years and often teaches blacksmithing skills.

Wu to stay in the circle Feng Piao exclaimed. Sure enough, when Zhou Yao came in front of Wu Dunru, he bowed his back and lowered his head, and punched Wu cbd oil for skin spots Dunru with both fists from both sides of his head like two bull horns.

Bring the young snake king back tomorrow and let Duozhu Liu help Say hello, don t make any mistakes Guo Jing instructed again.

It s just that she didn t expect cbd oil for skin spots to come back cbd oil for skin spots that year and make the Bosi Yangli Pill.

Today, the Mongolian soldiers chasing and intercepting cbd oil for skin spots cbd oil for skin spots along the way are more frequent than the day before, making Wu Dunru and others unbearably disturbed.

One day she pretended to be sick, and the next day she was cbd oil for skin spots tired. Even if she really couldn t go to the study, she obviously coped with it.

She hadn t seen Hong Qigong for a long time. The kids had a lot of fun along the way, but now their enthusiasm cbd oil for skin spots has finally subsided, so Huang Rong decided that everyone would stop playing and go directly to Peach Blossom Island by boat.

Accompanied by Guo Fu, Cheng Ying went back to the room to continue practicing kung Cbd Charlotte Web prime cbd gummies website fu to heal his injuries After talking in detail for a while, Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen finally got a lot of clues from Yang Guo s mouth by insinuating.

After asking the villagers, they said that although this is not the cbd oil for skin spots largest blacksmith s shop in Hangzhou, it is indeed the blacksmith s shop with the best quality and best craftsmanship in Hangzhou.

Lu Liding gritted his teeth and made the arrangements for the next cbd oil for skin spots day.

Ji Chang said As long as I can learn archery, I am not afraid of hardship.

Except that they had the least harvest, all the Bossic snakes caught by each group were higher than yesterday s prime cbd gummies website Cbd Oil In Texas Legal average.

Wu Xiuwen showed off his culinary skills again and cooked a full barbecue feast.

Zhou Yao smiled wryly. No way Several brothers have their own strengths, and I can t compare them only with martial arts.

Thank you, Big Brother Lan, for taking care of me. My injuries have healed now, and Younger Sister Ying s injuries have also healed.

Martial arts dream, this is not something that everyone can encounter.

Maybe the owner of the pottery kiln came back yesterday afternoon after we left and saw signs of a fight.

The two brothers Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen cbd oil for skin spots could only pray silently in their hearts I hope Yang Guo can be the protagonist with a halo covering his body.

hid. At this time, Wu Xiuwen had already flew down from the tree with the Qingfeng Soft Sword in his hand, and the golden rooster stepped on the back of the horse in the middle independently with prime cbd gummies website Cbd Oil In Texas Legal one foot and the Mongolian knight hidden under the belly of the mount felt Wu Xiuwen s cbd oil for skin spots arrival Shocked, he quickly let go of the hand holding the saddle, and with a flick of his foot from the stirrup, his body fell instantly, turned over and rolled, and was about to abandon the horse and flee into the grass beside him How could Wu Xiuwen let him escape One foot is firmly on the cbd oil for skin spots Charles Stanley Cbd Gummies horse s back, and it is not affected by the violent bumps of the horse s running.

Huang Rong and Guo Jing were also very pleased when they saw this, so they were even more satisfied with the is cbd oil legal in philadelphia Wu family brothers who were able to point out the seriousness of the problem cleverly, and who were able cbd oil for skin spots cbd oil for skin spots to assist and play a big role from the side.

If the Wu family brothers knew that Yang Guo was a blessing in disguise because of their appearance, they would not be as uneasy as cbd oil for skin spots before.

Master said that you should listen to me. The first time I made a decision, you were disobedient.

There are three matches Chapter 130 Hearing the words, Gu Song took a few steps forward with a bitter face, cupped his fists and saluted Wu Dunru Please enlighten me, Mr.

The people who cbd oil for skin spots Charles Stanley Cbd Gummies came here were none other than the famous Seven Sons of Quanzhen, who were in Bulk Cbd Pills cbd oil for skin spots seclusion to practice Taoism and martial arts together.

For animals with strong adaptability like snakes, it can be said that there is no problem in stocking them.

I don t have the ability to send them to heaven, cbd oil for skin spots but it s my duty to send them to hell Wu Xiuwen sneered, then turned to the remaining three lamas and said, Which of you three will come first Boy, you are too deceitful The Buddhas are going to kill you The third and cbd oil for skin spots fourth senior brothers yelled from the side, but the thunder was loud and the rain was light, but they couldn t help but quietly retreated under their feet.

The Which Cbd Oil Are Best For Adhd Child impression of not being able to do things well, will life be easier in the future Maybe even the position of the helmsman can t be kept.

Come on, quickly take this hangover elixir, or you will be drunk in a short time.

We Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots discussed finding a big magnet for him and made a chessboard for him.

Why don t we go together together The road is also good. Let s take care of each other Wu Xiuwen volunteered.

Seeing that after fighting for a long time, he actually failed to win Wu Dunru, but made the opponent seem to fight more and more smoothly, with flexible and changeable moves, gradually resisting his own swordsmanship, and cbd oil for skin spots even showing signs of regaining his disadvantage.

Yang Guo straightened his body, held his head up, and didn t move, he didn t intend to admit his mistake, nor did he intend to explain anything.

Wu Xiuwen took a Qingfengruan sword that Huang Rong gave him yesterday evening.

Dun Ru and Xiu Wen, you two should practice against each other Guo Jing arranged.

Guo Jing, Wu Dunru, and Wu cbd delta 10 gummies Xiuwen stayed in Quanzhen Sect for two more days, and after they settled Yang Guo cbd oil for skin spots properly, the three bid farewell to the Taoist priests of Quanzhen Sect and Yang Guo and left Zhongnan Mountain.

He regretted many times that he had not found a suitable Bulk Cbd Pills cbd oil for skin spots successor to inherit his abilities.

You child Wu cbd oil relax effect Sanniang didn t know whether to laugh or cry, Brother, I ll leave it to you.

After a stick of incense, the silent monk finished chanting, got up and returned to Wu Dunru and Taoist Jingxu, ate some dry food, drank some water and continued to close his eyes and rest his mind.

With a sneer, Wu Xiuwen raised his foot and kicked the young lama who was lying in front of him aside, grinned and said with a contemptuous smile I thought it was so powerful It turns out it s nothing more than that, you guys are useless Fifth Junior Brother has already been sent by me to meet King Hades, whose turn will be next Humph That useless thing is not enough for success, but more than failure The leader Lama brother did not even look at the fifth brother, raised his right hand and waved it lightly, and said in his mouth, Second brother, you Go and kill this kid, and you can take revenge for the fifth son The third child, keep an eye on that girl and don t let her run away the fourth child, watch the other boy, and don t let him make trouble.

Sure enough, as Taoist Jingxu said, the whole body was wrapped in a set of black night clothes, and he was holding a very common nine foot long iron mace in his hand.

Lu Qingdu lost his opponent s cbd oil for skin spots figure in a blink of an eye, and there was a sound of piercing from the side, and he quickly used the move Slant Wind and Rain, Dang Dang Dang There was a dense sound of double swords clashing The sound sounded, and then the two figures quickly fought for more than a dozen rounds.

Don t worry about him, Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots let s take a good rest Taoist Jingxu still couldn t stop talking.

The bones are crisp. It is their luck to let them serve the grandpas, and there are 110,000 people who are not willing Er Chou followed cbd oil for skin spots up with the big ugly and said with a lewd smile, and the obscene expression on the clothes made people feel disgusted.

During the day, I found that you were absent minded. It seemed that there was something that I couldn t let go of, and I couldn t sleep at night.

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prime cbd gummies websitecbd gummies cheapest price cbd oil for skin spots

Between retreating and advancing, Cheng Ying copied cbd oil for skin spots the long sword in his hand.

With a few words of Yang Guo, I remembered that when I was at home, my brother and I often liked to write names on the ground, so I thought that the people who lived here should also write their can too much cbd oil cause diarrhea names on the ground for fun, and the crooked handwriting did not look like It was written by cbd oil balm with beeswax 400mg an adult, so cbd oil for skin spots you must be young Wu Dunru secretly exclaimed after hearing Wu Xiuwen s words, the reason he found was too amazing, thanks to Wu Xiuwen s cleverness, he was able to come up with best broad spectrum cbd oil brand such a set of words.

The cbd oil for skin spots power of Wu Dunru cbd oil for skin spots couldn t control his figure, and he couldn t help but took a small step back.

Wu Xiuwen knew that his soft sword was superior in dexterity, but it was difficult to attack tough ones.

How much hard work, blood and tears, how many hardships and crises he has experienced, when the great hatred is avenged How happy and even crazy at that moment.

Holding a lantern, he saw that it was Huang Rong who nodded slightly, and opened the door to welcome everyone into the house.

Although Huang Rong was not flustered, she stepped on lotus steps to dodge Ouyang Feng s Spirit Snake Fist, but after all, the distance was too close, and it was difficult to completely avoid the attack.

Hearing Tear, the black clothes on his chest had been cut, revealing his white and firm chest.

At this moment, apart from being a little bit worried about his father Ouyang Feng, he even felt that it would be a pretty good thing to just stay with everyone like this.

It s just that the Taoist robe that was a little messy now has many scratches, and even a little blood oozes faintly.

After checking their own level, everyone s writing was not bad. Even Yang Guo could barely write his own name, but obviously he didn t use the pen very often, and it was crooked.

Huang Rong hugged Guo Fu lovingly, and after a while, Guo Fu coaxed Guo Fu to giggle But Guo Jing was not in the mood to pay attention to his daughter s acting like a baby at the moment.

You also know that the love between a man and a woman is the can cbd oil cause high liver enzymes strangest.

It is a fist, or hitting a Which Cbd Oil For Pain Relief cbd oil for skin spots snake and hitting seven inches to contain the seven inches, which is the wrist part.

Are you satisfied You must be very satisfied. The one cbd oil for skin spots armed old man muttered in front of the grave.

Huh Don t be ashamed You are still young, and your milk hair has not been wiped off before you learn how to act like a chivalrous man.

After thinking about it, Wu Xiuwen felt that it must be so, so he put this matter aside and no longer considered it.

Yeah Big brother, I haven t caught up for so long, there should be nothing wrong, brothers really can t hold on anymore, just rest for half an hour, just half cbd oil for skin spots an hour After a while, it seemed that the big brother didn t Meaning to take a rest, another voice, which was slightly clearer, begged, and the others followed suit Shut up all of you Aren t you usually very energetic Why can t you take Bulk Cbd Pills cbd oil for skin spots it after running such a distance If it weren t for your open mouth, you can provoke such a murderous disaster by making troubles You are ashamed to shout tired A majestic voice shouted, and cbd oil for skin spots the chaotic voices of the others immediately fell silent.

They want to hurt themselves, and they have incomprehensibly accurate intuitions for the perception of danger and murderous intent.

Although the poem does not contain a word related to tea, it is really a good poem praising Xinyang Maojian, and this poem is cloudy, and it seems to be right for the taste of Buddhist Zen.

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