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But my cbd oil for allergic reaction family does cbd oil relieve hot flashes has already agreed to join His Highness Kublai Khan s Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Esting does cbd oil relieve hot flashes recruitment hall.

It s just heaven s beauty Meng Yao playfully said in a low voice, winking at Wu Xiuwen.

The two centurions who guarded the common people smiled at each other precisely because they were so puzzled.

And it will not worsen the internal force surging in his body. Lu Wushuang swung the Gentlemen s Sword back with a swing of his plain hand, Cang Bang Putting the two swords of the Gentleman and Lady back into their sheaths, he moved lightly with lotus steps, swung them three times and came to the side of Monk Yanhuo.

Sit back and wait for the enemy to appear. The two brothers from the King Kong Sect chased Wei Tianwang to the not far from the mountain col.

Return to Kublai Khan. However, Wu Xiuwen and Gong Qiang didn t know that although there was no war in Xiangyang City at this cbd oil for allergic reaction time, it was also a mess.

and the protracted debate began. And some forces began to quietly implement their originally planned conspiracy in order to seize the fruits of cbd oil for allergic reaction victory, take the opportunity to eliminate or annex other forces, to enrich and strengthen themselves Chapter 501 As the original largest force in the Tubo region, the Saska faction held a wait and see attitude towards the war between the Mongol Empire and the Tubo Anti Mongolian Alliance at the beginning, and which is more economical cbd vape juice or cbd oil cartridge did not join the Anti Mongolian Alliance at the first time.

Seeing that Zhuge Wangchuan agreed, Wu Dunru took out the pen, Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Esting does cbd oil relieve hot flashes ink, paper and inkstone from another package.

I m sorry I m sorry Brothers It s my younger brother who just heard some noises and came over to investigate, but he didn t expect to startle a wild cat who didn t know when it was hiding in the tree hole.

How can Miss Lu Wushuang and Miss Cheng Ying be in danger Ling Hongbo still didn t understand after thinking for a long time.

They were severely injured when they first fought against the elite Mongolian soldiers.

I saw four big men with broad arms and round waists standing in front of cbd oil for allergic reaction and behind the door of the restaurant, and they almost blocked the wide door of the building.

Kang thought in his mind. So with the acquiescence of Grandma Du, the prince, and Mr.

A move of Dragon Wagging its Tail worked and severely injured Jinlun Fawang.

It was his original intention to save people in distress, not to mention that Wei Heng is the young owner of the largest shipbuilding workshop in Quanzhou.

How could Meng Zhang not be happy Wu Xiuwen woke up suddenly. This title was given to Meng Gong by a military strategist of later generations.

unique temperament. Guo Fu and Lu Youjiao knew A Gen well, so cbd oil for allergic reaction naturally they didn t need to make any more introductions, and exchanged greetings and greetings.

Master Ma Island, save your energy In the past two days, the number of times of splashing water has been a little less If it weren t for the fact that Master Sikong has practiced cold kung fu on the ice and snow island in the North Sea all year round, helping us absorb a lot of cold energy, does severe low temperatures effect cbd oil You two, I dare not say, anyway, I, Old Yang, have died a long time ago Cave Master Yang, who was weak, seemed to have exhausted a lot of energy after saying these few words, panting for a few breaths.

Don t underestimate the enemy, but I have been injured before, and there is not much threat.

among which the most famous ones are White Tara and Green Tara. Red Tara, Yellow Tara and Blue Tara are the five color Tara.

I think you had evil intentions when we first met and pretended to be friends with my two friends.

Wu Dunru continued to analyze, Which Cbd Oil For Musclersketical Pain cbd oil for allergic reaction Now that the Mongolian army is sweeping the world, all the countries in the Western Regions and the northern grasslands are under his rule.

This general Bori Techina is also a general under General Kuodan, because Bori Techina means blue wolf, so his army is called Blue Wolf Army, and the name of bravery is also in Mongolia.

road. That s right Elder Peng and Brother Gong Qiang rescued me several times, how could I harm you Master Batu raised cbd oil for allergic reaction his eyebrows and lowered his voice slightly, This time, I went to Batu Khan to ask for soldiers.

Ma Guangzuo stood in the distance with a stake, his eyes closed. With the long exhalation and inhalation, the abdomen visibly bulges and shrinks, and the nostrils open and close cbd oil for allergic reaction How To Make Cbd Gummies At Home slightly.

Dao Erda and other Mongolian generals, Elder Peng, Jiang Baishou and Gong Qiang also quickly caught up.

Fortunately, the saint in white came to the rescue regardless of the past Master Panshi told Monk Yanhuo all the things that happened just now in detail.

Many arrangements have been made. After leaving Tian s house, Wu Dunru took Guo Fu and Lu Youjiao to the next stop, where there was even greater good news waiting for them.

We will follow Empress call and work together to achieve great cause Master Songxi was not polite at critical moments.

Your Majesty, don t worry. Just now I have taken the secret medicine Samsara Pill of my cbd oil for allergic reaction sect.

What Happens If You Fail A Cdl Drug Test Because Of Cbd Oil

Sasga Pandita led the way and introduced the scenery and buildings in the temple from time to time.

Expelled from the division But when he saw the malicious and eager expressions of everyone in the Vajra Sect, the last bit of reason made him realize it clearly.

Wu Dunru glanced coldly at does cbd oil increase potassium levels Hou Tonghai and said Neuroendocrine Tumor And Cbd Oil cbd oil for allergic reaction in a deep voice, You have done a lot of evil.

The long sword in the woman s hand was like a dragon flying into the sky.

The six ghosts of the Western Regions deserved to be brothers with a heart to heart connection.

Cannativarx Cbd Oil Reviews

I don t know if it cbd oil for allergic reaction s because I m in a good cbd oil san bernardino ca mood or what, but I feel that the scenery of the mountains and forests today is very quiet and beautiful, with gurgling streams, green grass, and standing ancient trees, which is the beauty of the world.

But the causal cycle of the world, something that neither of the two parties expected happened when Batu, Doerda and others went back to their rooms to rest.

I hope that we can work together to achieve great things Learn far from ordinary people s Yi Li and Qimen Dunjia s art.

It s all your fault. Everything you see is new. After so much time delay, I m so tired that it s hard to do Why don t you hurry up and send the things back.

Vigorous Vajra Palm instantly transformed into One Yang Finger. Pfft, Wu Dunru pointed at Yin Kexi s palm, and Yin Kexi s whole body trembled.

But today s Guo Fu s ingenious moves were unable to suppress Yin cbd oil for bug bites Kexi for a while, but the internal force surged due to the effect of the wine pill was much stronger than Yin Kexi, and it was suitable to use this sword method to forcibly crush Yin Kexi.

Chapter 521 When Wu Dunru and Cheng Ying rushed all the way to Lin an without stopping, word spread in the streets and alleys.

Today s Shaolin of the Western Regions is just relying on a group of old immortals to support the facade, After they all return to the west, prime cbd oil reviews let s see how you can gain a foothold in the Tubo rivers and lakes.

She knew that Lu Wushuang had survived another invisible disaster and defeated her inner demons.

Your Majesty Ma Tianji was anxious, Now is the best time to pick peaches.

Although we didn t investigate the does cbd oil relieve hot flashes What Cbd Gummies Are Safe situation at that time, the feather tiger woods cbd gummies reviews arrows on the senior brother s back are the standard feather arrows in the Mongolian army, and they are not the feather arrows of ordinary soldiers, but the feather arrows specially made for generals.

See if grandpa doesn t tell us stories I originally asked grandpa to talk about Green Tara and Green Tara after he finished talking about White Tara What about Empress Huang cbd oil for allergic reaction Tara s affairs Neuroendocrine Tumor And Cbd Oil cbd oil for allergic reaction You messed up everything How do you pay for it The other children cbd oil for allergic reaction couldn t help complaining about the boy when they saw their grandfather running away.

Cbd Oil For Anxiety Sale

Under the command of Nemoxing, the snake shaped iron whip is even more flexible than a real poisonous snake.

That s good If you go together, it s good to have someone to take care of you Zhu Ziliu agreed.

Elder Peng, brother Gong Qiang Khan ordered me to go to Batu Khan s place immediately to urge Batu Khan to send GoTravel cbd oil for allergic reaction troops to support the war between Tubo and Bashu.

The serrated golden knife and the black sword had already strangled the Lady Sword to death.

The Gentlemen s Sword and Lady s Sword flew up and down, and flew out from time to time, drawing a strange line in the air.

Junior Brother Jinxiang was accidentally injured this time and cannot go with Master, and I will be stationed at the gate of the Master.

I also stopped them to inquire carefully. The time, The location, cbd oil for allergic reaction number of people, clothing, etc.

The banquet had already been prepared, and as soon as everyone was seated, all kinds of delicious food and wine were served up, and the waiters on the left and right were all tall nosed, deep eyed, brown haired and blue eyed foreign women, swaying gracefully cbd oil for allergic reaction as they walked, and their manners were very bold, but It was an eye opener for Elder Peng.

I saw that cbd oil for allergic reaction Elder Peng didn t panic, and at the same time with his chest in his chest and stomach in his mouth, he said Hi With a loud shout, the palm kicked by Evil Zhang drew an arc in the air and quickly retracted.

Just look at who is not pleasing to the eye and scold him to death Wu Xiuwen thought wildly.

Chapter 377 Contest A moment later, Basiba reappeared in front of everyone, and he invited Batu and others into the courtyard with a face of reluctance.

Can I Drive On Cbd Oil

Master Shi, Yin Kexi lost the lives of several heroes in the past two days Wu Dunru no longer wanted to pay attention to Yin Kexi, turned around and asked Shi Shugang, clasping his fists.

How can they yell like this villain, the owner of Xuanming Island in Beihai, for fear that others will not know Evil Zhang, please don t say a word If you don t want you, go back to your Xuanming Island in the North Sea Oh By the way It seems that it is also the territory of the Mongols now If you come, you will be safe, why What s the use Cave Master An and the villain Zhang were not on the same path, seeing shark tank cbd gummies stop smoking the acne and asked.

Hehe Master Ba Siba is a bit despicable, but I have to say that cbd oil for allergic reaction you are really smart Lu Wushuang s cold voice sounded at the right how to know what cbd oil to get time.

Dongzhu An, Duanmuhai and Xuan Lingzi cbd oil for depression and anxiety forum saw that the situation of Granny Du and the others was not optimistic, they left their opponents and flew to help.

This delay, Mengyao has already climbed down to a height of two or three feet.

Green Galaxy Cbd Gummies Shark Tank

There was faint shouting and cursing coming from his northwest direction, but it was too far away to hear it clearly.

attunement. Since then, Master Yang Cuo e has lived a semi reclusive life around Namtso Lake, doing good deeds and cbd oil for allergic reaction making friends, forming a dark force.

What else is there to worry about Wu Dunru laughed loudly when he heard this, and patted Shi Yun s shoulder and said loudly.

Master Mirare, who was in mid cbd oil for allergic reaction How To Make Cbd Gummies At Home air, could not avoid it, and Master Amasha was sure of victory, a smile finally appeared on his cbd oil for allergic reaction gloomy face, and his mind finally slowed down a little.

He is a handsome soldier who leads a party. It is really a waste of effort to deal with him Elder Peng was very impressed.

go down. It can t be that something happened to the Young Palace Master Sikong Island Master is in the best mental state among these few people, so he has more energy to cbd oil for allergic reaction think about other things.

Know. Luoying Excalibur Palm was tested by Guo Fu, and the actual and actual changes were complicated.

According to the plan, groups of five or as many as dozens of people quickly assembled and went to cover and kill their respective targets.

The man in the yellow shirt looked at Master Yang Cuo e questioningly, and Master Yang Cuo e said knowingly No problem The man in the yellow shirt cbd oil for allergic reaction How To Make Cbd Gummies At Home nodded, and his figure flickered.

Originally, Batu Khan had a warm attitude today, Lord Batu thought Neuroendocrine Tumor And Cbd Oil cbd oil for allergic reaction that Batu Khan would help, but unexpectedly, he was declined in the end.

Seeing that Huo Dou s whole body was dark and glowing with a cold steel fracture fan, it hit the Baihui Point on the top of his head like a short stick like lightning.

The abbot let him come with the old monk. Participate in this alliance.

He clasped his hands together and recited a Buddha s name loudly Amitabha We came all the way to participate in this hero meeting.

It s just that after observing and waiting for a long time, Wu Dunru still didn t give any hint of the next move, which made Wei Tianwang very anxious.

After a long journey, Xiban finally led Lord Batu and a large team to Batu Khan s Ordu, where his palace tent was located.

She has recovered in recent years. I never thought she would suffer from it again tonight.

If there is even a slight error, it is very likely that the spell will not be successful, but will Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Esting does cbd oil relieve hot flashes be backlashed by the practice Unexpectedly, Elder cbd oil for allergic reaction Peng would dare to take the risk Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Esting does cbd oil relieve hot flashes of using the Mind Concentration Technique on Brother Yang Wu Dunru shook his head, still incredulous.

Hey Master Amasha just sneered, but didn t answer. Master Mirare was so angry that his teeth were itching, but he had no choice but to wave the Vajra Prong again and rush to Master Amasha again.

Suffering, so as not to suffer much harm After a while, the soldiers brought two white ash sticks, and the leader of the soldier held them in his hands, screaming with both arms, Flash The ash sticks trembled for a while.

How did this happen Suheba Beast was very surprised when he heard the words.

This brother, my junior brother s entire arm and shoulder cbd oil for allergic reaction are broken, and I can t stand the bumps I need to trouble you to make a stretcher, and then accompany me to carry the junior brother back to the master s gate for treatment I will definitely not treat the little brother badly, and I promise I will definitely kill that kid in the future.

Come here There are assassins Master Songxi was the most nervous. Lu Wushuang was not only their nominal saint, but also the current White Tara Empress.

beard. You can only close one eye and let it develop. This is the soft policy formulated by Wu Dunru, if Guo Jing s army cbd oil for allergic reaction intervenes strongly.

Ari Lance said angrily. It s not that these guys got in the way and delayed my time.

Although Huang Yaoshi liked this group of disciples and grandchildren very much, after all, there are differences between people who are close or distant.

But the cbd oil for allergic reaction antidote is limited, I can only choose the most trustworthy and most convenient candidate Lu Wushuang glanced around the people present, At that time, I quickly screened out a list in my mind.

If you win, you will naturally win the final victory, and the credit will also be given to you when the time comes.

Li Mochou was also puzzled, Perhaps it is because the alliance is so powerful that the Mongolian army is defeated, so the defense in the painless cbd oil 3000 precio alliance is relaxed.

A man in his forties, tall and dark skinned like an iron tower, with rough facial features, a lion s nose and wide mouth, and piercing eyes, wearing a red approval slip, with his thick right arm exposed.

He thought that even if he could find these crops, it would take several years.

Zhu Ziliu confirmed Wu Dunru s conjecture thoughtfully. Guo Jing was always very concerned about the affairs of the Yang family.

Just now, after a phone call, Jinlun Fawang was defeated and defeated.

Yes Yes Don t worry, cbd oil for allergic reaction general, brothers understand the importance. A group of Mongolian soldiers spoke one after another, cbd oil for allergic reaction promising that they would not ruin the important affairs of General Doerda and General Kuoduan.

They all practiced superb lightness skills, so it is even more unbelievable compared to modern people s wing suit does cbd oil relieve hot flashes What Cbd Gummies Are Safe flying.

Zen Master Tianci galloped all over the field. Some of the leaders who lost their skills were like headless chickens, some managed to avoid it, and some were killed But they don t have Linghu Chong s ability, and without internal support, it is does trulieve have good cbd oil very difficult for them to defeat the masters of the Sarska faction.

Are you sure that her Huozin San won t have any effect on Master Batu and the others Wu Xiuwen was still a little worried.

Elder Peng finished speaking in one breath without hesitation. cbd oil for allergic reaction Batu already basically believed what he said, but for the sake of safety, he still asked Doerda winked.

At this moment, Wu Xiuwen held his Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Esting does cbd oil relieve hot flashes breath and concentrated, looking at the silver wheel coming towards him through the air.

Oops The villain cbd oil for allergic reaction yelled angrily when he saw this. You must know that these three hundred people are his entire team.

Now that Miss Long can t be found for a while, it would be good to take this little girl first Gongsun Zhi thought in his heart.

When Tubo was about to fall into chaos again, the Three Tara Mothers Alliance, Benjiao, Western Shaolin, and Yang Cuo e Master and many other sects and influential local forces joined forces to suppress it.

Lu Wushuang s figure paused, and he turned back instantly with his feet.

Seeing that the three of them were defeated, they wanted to retreat and leave quietly.

Since the birth of Guo Xiang and Guo Polu, although Kublai Khan s cbd oil for allergic reaction army has retreated, the work in Xiangyang City after the war is still heavy, and Guo Jing and others are very busy.

But she is a kind hearted person. And very talented. Girls with strong adaptability. After encountering an accident.

For a while, everyone was so angry that they couldn t stop scolding the Mongol Tartars for their GoTravel cbd oil for allergic reaction cruelty and inhumanity.

The hall suddenly fell into a dead silence. After a few sparks burst out from the red candles in the hall, the light gradually dimmed.

People who had heard about Lu Wushuang s healing and saving lives rushed cbd oil vaporizer starter kit to join the Anti Mongolian Alliance voluntarily.

g d want to gread book d. 1 k, a n s hu. c c alternative to cbd oil for anxiety Tofu Xi Shi looked at the chief culprit that caused his father s tragic death and finally died in his own hands.

Looking at the sad eyes of the tigress. Guo Fu felt a little embarrassed, and after thinking about it GoTravel cbd oil for allergic reaction for a while, she fed the tigress a Bosi Yangli Pill as compensation.

It s just that they are not as spiritual as the two big white eagles and does cbd oil relieve hot flashes What Cbd Gummies Are Safe the two golden eagles after all.

Seeing this, the man dodged quickly, and at the same time the formation changed, his companions came to rescue him.

While other Sarska faction masters besieged Xiang Lu Wushuang. After Lu Wushuang took a few healing pills, he could only rely on his agility to fight with his opponent.

The luxurious scimitar was handed over to Wu Dunru. The profuse cbd oil for allergic reaction sweat he was talking about was Genghis Khan.

This move shocked everyone present, because the competition of internal strength is more dangerous than the competition of weapons.

Mengyao is here. Miss Sang Mengyao finally couldn t help sobbing. Young palace master, it s really you Heaven has eyes, so I can see you again I thought I d never see you again Miss Sang hugged Mengyao and said crying.

Lu Wushuang smiled and didn t care. Doctor Wangdui said that he will take care of the old man Gongbu s condition at any time, and he will send someone to inform you if there is a situation Another guardian also felt sorry for Lu Wushuang s tireless efforts to treat illnesses and save lives, and persuaded him in the same way.

Elder Peng analyzed clearly. This benefactor is right Tabu immediately agreed upon hearing this, There is definitely someone else in this matter, and lucid cbd oil the timing is so precise, tempe cbd gummies maybe someone wants to cbd oil for allergic reaction put the blame on us so that we can The Saska Sect and the Mongol Empire had a cbd oil for allergic reaction misunderstanding, and even became hostile to each other, and benefited from it Maybe it was the Kadam Sect and the Kagyu Sect who did it.

Defensively and carefully, the sword cbd oil for allergic reaction swung quickly to protect the whole body, and never let the snake shaped iron whip take advantage of it.

Jinlun Fawang cbd oil for allergic reaction was full of smiles, and he really looked like an eminent Buddhist monk, Your Excellency should be the disciple of the famous Nandi Yideng Master in the Central Plains, the scholar Zhu Ziliu The technique is cbd oil for allergic reaction even more unique, you are too modest Zhu Ziliu frowned and was about to refute, but unexpectedly, someone from behind gritted his teeth and does cbd oil relieve hot flashes shouted Sinister cbd oil for allergic reaction How dare you show yourself Today, the poor Taoist wants the master to clean up the door cbd oil for allergic reaction Everyone was taken aback.

Sasga Pandita was afraid that Huang Yaoshi would take advantage of the victory to pursue and kill does cbd oil relieve hot flashes What Cbd Gummies Are Safe Ba Siba, so he roared and rushed towards Huang Yaoshi, but he didn t know that Huang Yaoshi was so proud.

Under the command of cbd oil for allergic reaction the general, the Mongolian defenders rushed like crazy against the defense line of Fortune and other special cbd oil for allergic reaction forces, power vigor cbd gummies but these elite special forces tenaciously held the defense line and never retreated.

It s really shameful to be with you Xiaoxiangzi cursed in a low voice, Wu Dunru heard the reputation and looked at Xiaoxiangzi s face like a zombie, his heart moved, thoughtful.

above It turned out that the Tianzihao Water Prison was a cell dug out of the mountain wall, and there was no way out except for a small fine iron prison door, and there were cbd oil for allergic reaction always heavy soldiers outside the prison door, so the Tianzihao Water Prison was called Ling The highest level prison cell in Jiugong Palace.

Out of the corner of his eye, the shopkeeper, cbd oil for allergic reaction How To Make Cbd Gummies At Home who was doing the accounting at the counter, saw a movement at the door, smiled and raised his head and said, Please, three guests As soon as the voice fell to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper saw clearly the appearance of the visitor, his expression changed cbd oil for allergic reaction slightly, and his eyes were fixed.

broke the sect oath early, and stayed with Mr. Ruyi, maybe he met and fell in love with Zhu Lang a long time ago, and there would not be so many entanglements like today This was Li Mochou s last thought before she fell into a coma.

That s why the two daughters could barely support Yin Kexi s Golden Dragon Whip inlaid with gold, jade and jewels.

Although his skin is thick and thick, Neuroendocrine Tumor And Cbd Oil cbd oil for allergic reaction Guo Fu s internal strength has already been cbd oil for allergic reaction achieved, even Wu Dunru dare not defend himself growmax pure hemp cbd gummies cbd oil for allergic reaction against Guo Fu s full blow.

Several ordinary dressed congregants filed in. It s them The sharp eyed people immediately recognized that these people were well known experts in the Sarska Sect, but they didn t expect that they had been does cbd oil relieve hot flashes What Cbd Gummies Are Safe mixed among the ordinary congregation.

The Bai Tara Empress also received sincere gratitude and love from these wounded, and even many soldiers who retired due to injuries would recommend their brothers and nephews to continue to join the army.

Okay There are more than one hundred people, and there are only nineteen of you, and there are a few wounded If they didn t just wait for the result of the battle between the six ghosts of the Western Regions and us, it would be difficult for you to food for thought sebring cbd oil protect yourself.

Open an upper room, and send a table of good wine and good food The reward is indispensable Wu Dunru knew that it was inconvenient to talk at this time when he heard Liu Suifeng s tone, so he put a Neuroendocrine Tumor And Cbd Oil cbd oil for allergic reaction silver coin on the counter.

How is it Zhuge Wangchuan asked Wu Dunru beside him proudly. However, the array flag waving in his hand didn t stop at all.

These troops took the initiative to occupy the important ferry, and then the army crossed the river.

His face immediately sank. Not can you take cbd oil and benadryl together knowing the truth cbd oil for allergic reaction or not, he said angrily What Elder Peng is unwilling to go with me After Wu Xiuwen rescued Mr.

The children of everyone are not small. Secondly, isn t Zhuge Wuhou the best at strategizing And as far as I know, Zhuge Wuhou has a lineage cbd oil for allergic reaction How To Make Cbd Gummies At Home of descendants who settled in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Batu Khan went out to deal with urgent matters last night. Before leaving, he told us to treat Mr.

Our group of old guys can last for more than ten years. After they return from their training, my Western Shaolin must have a different look If I really gave up martial arts at the beginning If you re cultivate the Buddha, how can you not be eaten by wolves to the bone in this troubled world Master Tianci rejoiced inwardly.

From time to time, some people couldn t help Which Cbd Oil For Breast Cancer but let out a cry of surprise, or there was a sound of admiration.

The majestic, majestic and magnificent snow capped mountains are indeed very different from the famous mountains and rivers in the Central Plains We saw a snow capped peak that was like a sharp sword pierced between cbd oil capsules high strength uk the sky and the earth alone There is also Tiantian Lake, I heard people say Yes, but I didn t believe it at the time Only when I saw it with my own eyes this time did I know what nature s amazing workmanship is like Elder Peng talked about what he had seen and heard in Tianshan with his cbd oil for allergic reaction eyes shining brightly and spit flying all over cbd oil for allergic reaction the place.

Shouting loudly, he glanced at the ground out of cbd oil for allergic reaction the corner of his eye, but his heart trembled.

Master Tianbei, I didn t expect there to be such a master in your temple.

In the bewildered eyes of the big man, a skinny old man in his fifties smiled maliciously, and said in a hoarse voice Hey Shut up You will die if you kill me, don t implicate our brothers, You and I can tell the gossip about the saintess of this religion Although the reputation of this religion is not obvious, its methods are the fiercest among the three religions Go crazy and go to another place, but remind you, be careful of your dog Life Hearing the words, the big man suddenly remembered many rumors about Benjiao, and a thick layer of sweat suddenly appeared on his forehead.