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Going to the north, although Sanxiao is not good at equestrian skills, but all of them have a cbd gummies power how do you use global green cbd oil little bit of internal strength, and how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas they are flexible.

No wonder Han Zipei, a Kuomintang Cbd Oil And Migraines how do you use global green cbd oil bandit during the Liberation War in his previous life, added an iron cover at the entrance of the patio in an attempt to hold on to Huashan.

Wu Dunru and Cheng Ying stood side by side at what is cbd gummy worms the stern of the boat, facing Li Mochou s laughter, they both took out their jade flutes and played The Birth of the Blue Sea Tide together.

When all the brothers and sisters in the Taoist temple were still in grief, unexpectedly, the Taoist priest secretly murdered all the brothers and several Taoist boys in the Taoist temple.

Shi Yun had already drawn out the pair of ox horn scimitars to fight with Liu Yunshi, how do you use global green cbd oil Liu Yunshi twisted his body and somehow turned to Shi Yun s back, reaching out to grab Shi Yun s back collar.

Let s bury how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas Erye Lu and his wife first Guo Jing suggested. Guo Daxia is right.

It is conceivable that a person who does not know martial arts at all, only started practicing martial arts in his twenties, and after ten years of hard training, he was able to avenge his hatred.

Brother Dunru, Sister Guo Fu, have you noticed that there have been two such black traces in the distance we walked just now.

It s quiet to kill them one by one. Si Chou and Wu Chou said nonchalantly.

He thought that Wu Dunru would not agree to Wu Xiuwen s nonsense and would help persuade him if he was steady.

In case of danger, even though they are guarding them, they are not afraid of 10,000, just in case, if the two brothers make a mistake and get injured, then he will not be able to bear it and walk around But these thirteen or fourteen year old children are just young and energetic, and when they want to be how do you use global green cbd oil strong, if they refuse outright, it will definitely make the little brothers feel unhappy.

They all knew that he was an honest and reliable person, and they all wanted to get close to him, so the host and guest enjoyed themselves.

Guo Fu strongly urges that the next time she leaves the island, she will go to the rivers and lakes together Lu Wushuang also nodded yearningly, expressing that he wanted to go too.

Now that I have done my best, how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas the ending can only be dictated by fate.

It turned out that the situation in Xiangyang had been tense for some time.

There are precedents for this kind of thing So Master Liu Duo patted his chest and assured that there would be absolutely no problem Don how do you use global green cbd oil t worry, you two little heroes.

No But the master seems to have mentioned that there is Xinghua Village here, which has been famous for its rich wine since the Tang Dynasty.

My father has learned a lot, but I have been playing around since I was a child, and I am unwilling to study hard.

Cbd Gummies For 2 And How expensive is columbia care cbd oil?

Of course, cbd gummies power 300mg Cbd Gummies Reddit the Nine Yin God Claw that I practiced is naturally needless to say.

The strength in Huang Rong s hand suddenly loosened, Yang Guo couldn Charlotte S Web Cbd cbd gummies power t help but turned his back to the sky, and fell down firmly.

The sword itself that surrounds the circle contains a dark energy like a clockwork or a spring at this time, the momentum of the blow has fallen, the dark energy explodes, the sword body bounces around with the momentum, and Pu Leng Leng points out a dozen times again.

They were all people who lived dozens of years older, so they could tell that Wu Xiuwen should tell the truth.

Boss Wang thanked him a lot. He knew that he not only killed dozens of Mongolian cavalrymen with his own hands today, but also avenged his own family.

A guy beside him who had been helping to greet Tieniu whispered to Tieniu, but everyone was sitting close to each other, and after hearing it, they all said to Tieniu.

He retreated directly to Zhou Yao and the others. Ah What s going on What s going on Why is the winner suddenly drawn Lone Song, who was complaining just now, was too cunning.

Although it was very weak, it was confirmed that Tofu Xishi was indeed still alive.

After a while, he turned his head dejectedly and looked at Wu Dunru as if asking for help.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived in Jiaxing City, he was discovered by the disciples of the Beggar Clan and reported to Guo Jing and Huang Rong.

At this time, the Yinzhang Dharma King was sulking in the small town, and the two apprentices were waiting for Xiaoxue outside the hotel The return of the Mountain God Sable.

Cbd Oil Drug Interaction List And sleep cbd oil

Xiuwen, how do you use global green cbd oil you are in charge of protecting the boatman, and the others work hard to resist.

The eyes that were originally lively are now more radiant, and the complexion is still fair and sickly, but not as obvious as before.

He is really anxious now like an ant on a hot pan. Last night, Guo Jing and Huang Rong waited until midnight and no one came back to the pottery kiln.

After hearing this, Guo Jing thought to himself that it s no wonder that the two children are smart and sensible.

Have you met the how do you use global green cbd oil famous Condor Hero Hehehe Lu Liding at the side finally couldn t help but took out a brocade handkerchief, the handkerchief was made of white satin, with a red flower embroidered on the four corners.

Ying and Guo Fu briefly described the process. Guo Fu was so happy to hear that she clapped her hands and applauded, she praised the little white sable for being so smart, and she chattered about the details how do you use global green cbd oil of the whole process, smiling coquettishly.

The Green Wave Sword of the scabbard was held in the palm, and the other hand was slightly raised as a gesture of invitation.

I knew something was wrong with you, but I knew from your expression that you would not harm everyone, so I kept silent.

Cheng Ying lowered his head and thought for a while, thinking that it was not safe, and asked.

Cheng Ying said seriously with a pretty face. After a while, Lu Erniang stopped her mourning, how do you use global green cbd oil and explained some details, arranged for Cheng Ying to go back to the room to rest, and packed some food, luggage and soft goods for the four little ones in case of emergencies.

Cbd Gummies Phoenix Az And cbd gold oil

No wonder you mentioned Jimming Wugu Duanhun San just now, which sounds very familiar.

Huang Rong told Guo Jing all the news she had found out in one breath, and reached out to pick up a cup of herbal tea how do you use global green cbd oil on the table, Gududu Drink in one gulp.

Wu Dunru turned his head to look at Cheng Ying and Guo Fu, and saw that their faces were normal and seemed to be in no discomfort, so he was a little relieved.

Nodding secretly, how do you use global green cbd oil he felt that the two brothers were clever and brave.

Cheng Ying s stature has not barley cbd oil yet fully grown, and she is much shorter than the Taoist priest surnamed Wang.

At the same time that Wu Xiuwen and Shi Yun were meditating in this magical black quagmire.

In this way, Zhao Zhijing changed his body shape more than ten times in a row, and was greeted by Wu Dunru s chess pieces more than ten times.

How is it Four senior brothers, we are not vegetarians, right You believe that we can protect ourselves this time Seeing that the overall situation has been settled, Guo Fu is in a good mood, humming the tune she Cbd Oil And Migraines how do you use global green cbd oil learned from Wu Xiuwen, Humming Don t look at my young age, in fact, I am very capable.

The general was about to abandon his horse and continue running away, but it was too late, the masked man in black had already flew over his head, stepped on the how do you use global green cbd oil general s head with a little force, and only heard poof With a muffled sound, the general s head had been trampled into his chest.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Zhijing s long sword full of inner strength had already pierced his chest.

Don t you often complain that learning this is useless, and learning that is too hard You have to look at your two brothers from the Wu family, and learn from your Wushuang sister, so that when you have the opportunity in the future, your father and I can rest assured that you how do you use global green cbd oil will go to the rivers and lakes and experience those things that seem to be wonderful but actually have hidden risks.

My old man is sick, and the money I sold for the fruit is going to buy medicine The old woman kept begging, crying, how do you use global green cbd oil A few The matter of Wenqian is insignificant to you, Daoist, but it is life saving money to me Whispering I don t how do you use global green cbd oil know what it means The fat Taoist said impatiently, and the old woman cried a few more words, but the fat Taoist kicked the old woman s bamboo basket down, cursing, Don t let me Then you boom boom cbd oil use these broken fruits to cheat people out of money.

They don t go head to head with their opponents. As long as Wu Dunru and the others injure the opponent with one move and greatly damage their ability to move, they don t need to worry about it.

After a GoTravel how do you use global green cbd oil moment of silence, he solemnly nodded and agreed Okay Then you have to take how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas care Brother, be careful too how do you use global green cbd oil The two brothers of the Wu family held each other s hands.

Wu Xiuwen thought to himself No wonder the master and servant are so anxious, so they are chased by these lamas Immediately, Wu Xiuwen gave Shi Yun a calm look, turned a flattering expression and said The Buddhas are asking the right person We brothers were still discussing just now Those two chicks even the maid They are all so beautiful, let alone a masked lady Oh Did you really meet them The head lama looked at Wu how do you use global green cbd oil Xiuwen for the first time after how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas hearing Wu Xiuwen s words and asked, Tell us honestly where they went Dare you say no For the truth, Buddha will crush your head Don t dare Don t dare How dare you deceive the Buddhas Wu Xiuwen said with a flattering smile, then raised his hand and pointed, The two of them went to the east, seeing how hurried they are, they have already left It s far away As soon as Wu Xiuwen finished speaking, he heard the sound of chaotic footsteps again, and the five lamas rushed towards the east in a hurry.

Fortune promised. Shanxi has belonged to the land of Yanzhao since ancient times, and Yanzhao has been a land of great generosity and heroism since ancient times.

No expression was visible, but a how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas pair of jade hands folded in front of her were tightly clenched together, showing that her heart was not so peaceful.

Many famous masters have many disciples in their lifetime, how do you use global green cbd oil but it is difficult for any one to pass on the mantle.

I think the taste is not bad, and this solves should you take cbd oil during the day or at night the most basic survival problem.

Afterwards, she said a lot of things, basically saying that the mother was doing it for our own good, but I can t remember clearly.

Because she knew that it would be useless for her to cry and fuss when her mother put on this expression, so she could only calm down and let it go for the time being, and think of a way later.

The body of the Qingfeng Soft Sword rests on the long sword of the Taoist priest surnamed Li.

He just turned his body, which was advancing at a high speed, slightly to one side, avoiding the vital points in his chest, and continued to stab Cheng Ying s vest without changing his sword momentum.

They are still brothers from the Wu family, but they have become the hateful and pitiful brothers Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen But now they don t know each other that the other has been reborn, and they are by their side, and they are still very sad for their brother s departure.

Push Cbd Oil And Migraines how do you use global green cbd oil right and left hook to form an attack state of left and right pincers, and the force of the palm is doubled, making the big ugly feel that there is nowhere to does cbd oil cause infertility avoid it.

Fortunately, the wound was how do you use global green cbd oil not deep, only the flesh was injured. When the seven Taoist priests in the formation were relieved, the sudden change happened again.

Wu Dunru saw can cbd oil help with rheumatoid arthritis that everyone agreed, so he waved his hand, and the three of them used lightness kung fu to cover the high and low, climb mountains and ridges, and headed towards the direction where Wu Dunru had just heard the movement.

The three of Wu Dunru were careful not to be discovered by the big ugly and the black faced Taoist priests, and followed them all the way to the gate of the city, only to see them questioning the Mongolian soldiers guarding the gate, who shook their heads repeatedly, and Er Chou punched and kicked them After cursing, he headed out of the city.

If you think this matter is too unimaginable and difficult to achieve, just pretend to be a kid and tell me a joke After Zhouyao and the others heard Wu Dunru s words, they lowered their heads and pondered.

Thanks Chapter 82 The excitement and excitement in the hearts of the four hearts gradually subsided as the ship sailed on the sea and moved farther away from Peach Blossom Island.

Because the amount of medicine given to the tea for the Mongolian cavalry is relatively small, and it will not happen for a while They were drugged at the same time.

One sentence made Zhao Zhijing so thick skinned that his face flushed with embarrassment, and he said angrily, Stop talking nonsense With Guo Jing s quiet temperament, why did the daughters he gave birth to and the apprentices he handed over to him all be sharp tongued people Without saying a word, Wu Dunru clasped his fists casually, slightly bent his fingers and cast a swish sound, and a chess piece shot towards Zhao Zhijing.

cbd gummies poweredible gummies recipe how do you use global green cbd oil

Since you are willing, from now on, all of you will study with Rong er in the morning and practice martial arts with me in the afternoon.

Liu Duozhu was afraid that the old snake king would be forced to fight to the death and hurt people and hurt the brothers of the Wu family, so he asked a Beggar Sect disciple to guard against the young Pu Si Qu Snake, and several other people also surrounded him.

But his top priority now is how to escape how do you use global green cbd oil the immediate crisis, but what Guo Fu said next made him so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Caracals can jump and climb very high, with sensitive movements and extremely fast speeds, and are particularly good at hiding.

Girl doll, you seem to have suffered some injuries recently, and you haven t healed well after the injuries.

The ten Mongolian soldiers who followed were unaware of the imminent danger.

This is also impossible to guard against, it is very abrupt, how do you use global green cbd oil there are many and urgent poison darts, and the distance between the two is very close.

Father Juan tried his best to continue writing, but it was difficult to reach the expected level.

Li Mochou s clothes are fluttering in pursuit, and whenever Li Mochou is about to shorten the distance, Xiao Jin will soar into the sky at high speed, attack Harassing Li Mochou gave Wu benefit of cbd oil for subcuteneus lymphoma Xiuwen and Wu Xiuwen time to distance themselves again, and Xiao Jin was extremely benefits cbd oil massage fast and responsive, no matter whether it was the floating dust in Li Mochou s hands, the Five Poisons God s Palm, or even the Ice Soul Silver Needle It can t hurt Xiaojin, and although Xiaojin can bring some threats to the Mongolian soldiers, it can t cause any harm how do you use global green cbd oil to a master like Li Mochou.

I really want to become best friends with you, and we also have a common concern and love for us my master, Your Uncle Guo.

The palms of Taoist Baishang turned green in an instant, and the force of his palms began to move, with bursts of chill.

Our brothers and sisters know how do you use global green cbd oil very little about the Taoist journey, so how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas we don t know if we can take on this important task.

After getting acquainted, Lu Wushuang gradually showed her lively and active side, and enthusiastically led the Wu family brothers to best organic cbd oil uk visit the Wu family village.

It took nearly a year for us cbd gummies power to retreat this time, and after we got out, Zhijing reported that Yang Guo was greedy for beauty, so he deceived his master and exterminated his ancestors, how do you use global green cbd oil betrayed his master, and how do you use global green cbd oil had already joined the ancient tomb sect.

The Which Cbd Oil For Depression how do you use global green cbd oil most outrageous thing is a recent letter written by Zhao Zhijing that has not yet been sent.

In terms of real martial arts attainments, no matter whether it was internal strength or martial arts, Huo Dou was above her.

It s just that when he found out that Zhao Zhijing actually sent someone to take him away to deal with Wu maderas greens cbd gummies Dunru and the other four, he felt something was wrong.

If you still fail to meet the standard in the second month, All the rest for the next month will be cancelled.

Looking around, I saw Wu Xiuwen raised a dilapidated wooden door panel in front of him without knowing when, and Wu Dunru threw the other door panel to the air in front of Lu Liding s family with all his strength, and pulled it with the other hand.

However, at this how do you use global green cbd oil time Cheng Ying had already brandished the Green Wave Sword to attack Huo Dou from the other side, which made his The pressure suddenly increased.

But just when they had just entered Sichuan and it was almost noon on the second day, they had just landed in a restaurant in a small town and ordered a table of local specialties to feast on, when they heard two people best e cig for cbd oil on the next table The man is talking in a low voice.

Wu Dunru also kowtowed to thank Guo Jing for his kindness. Hehe You don t need to be too polite.

Three envoys of the wind and cloud The leader has already said something beforehand.

But after practicing for so can cbd oil help with hemorrhoids many years, Ouyang Feng actually found a different way, from which he comprehended the method of Reversing the Nine Yins Manual.

hand hey hey This is how do you use global green cbd oil even more exciting than seeing idol stars taking pictures together in the previous how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas cbd gummies power 300mg Cbd Gummies Reddit life Yang Guo heard that Uncle Guo and Aunt Guo worked so hard cbd gummies before bedtime to find him, and waves of warmth flowed through his heart.

If the skill in my left hand was half as powerful as my right hand at that time, it would be enough to turn the tide of the battle and turn defeat into victory, so that I would not lose all my skills and almost lose can any doctor prescribe cbd oil my life.

Just as he was thinking about it, Guo Jing and Taoist Baishang had already exchanged hands.

In fact, their performance was not aimless, but had a purpose. Since they came to Shaolin Temple, they didn t plan to go back empty handed.

In the book, it is implicitly revealed that the Silver Staff Dharma King is indeed Jinlun Dharma King s younger brother.

Maybe it can be helpful to save people. Fortune saw this. Wei Wei clasped her fists and said loudly. It how do you use global green cbd oil s how do you use global green cbd oil just you two and a half young fellows The salesman Liu looked at Wu Xiuwen and the two suspiciously.

Hmph If you don t help, sister Cheng Ying will help me Right Guo Fu acted like a baby to Cheng Ying, and when they left Peach Blossom Island without elders and outsiders around, they naturally returned to the more comfortable title of brother and sister.

Although Lan Tianhe was difficult to win against the big ugly and the second ugly, he was able to do so with ease Wu How Long Will Cbd Gummies Stay In Your System Dunru was also suppressing the third ugly and launched a fierce attack, so it would not be a problem if he wanted to win.

Martial arts dream, this is not something that everyone can encounter.

Guo Fu then agreed, and the four registered disciples were willing to stand up and greet best way to consume cbd oil again.

It s a pity that looking at the appearance of the Taoist, he didn t intend to let it go.

It turned out that what Cheng Ying used was Taohua Island s unique technique Orchid Brushing Acupoint Hand, one move to control the enemy, and tapped the Tanzhong acupoint on the opponent s chest.

After you had a big conversation, I came up with the idea of meeting you and chatting casually.

Rong how do you use global green cbd oil er is right. In this case, Rong er, you and Senior Martial Brother Wu will take the children how do you use global green cbd oil back first, and I will wait here.

I don t want to take another person to swim in the lake again. Shi Yun and Wu Xiuwen searched for a long time and finally persuaded a boatman with a high price to agree to take them to Haixin Mountain for a trip, just when the two were about to board the boat.

There are many kinds of snakes, and all kinds of strange and strange species emerge in endlessly.

He had been focusing on guarding against Mongolian soldiers and tracking the five ugly people in Tibet and the two traitors of Quanzhen Sect.

In a few words, after deciding on the general direction, the two of them immediately became relaxed, and they were no longer as depressed as before.

Wu Dunru, do cbd gummies get you to sleep Wu Xiuwen and a few children were doing morning exercises together.

brightcore cbd oil

  • how can you tell if your cbd oil is pure
  • does cbd oil help with erectial dysfunction
  • alabama cbd oil legal

But to my surprise, she kept drinking. I stayed to the end and performed so well that I can t fault it.

I also hope that all book friends will support. Chapter 149 The Final Showdown Wu Xiuwen didn t intend to continue entanglement with the second senior brother, Nine Yin God Claws launched an attack with all its strength, his hands turned into countless claw shadows covering the second senior how do you use global green cbd oil brother s body, and he could even hear the sound of chi chi The second senior brother held his palms as knives and waved cbd gummies power 300mg Cbd Gummies Reddit how do you use global green cbd oil them again and again, covering his whole body without revealing any flaws.

Fortune said noncommittally, The swamp is easy to have Miasma breeds, but the swamp here is not only free of miasma, but also breeds a wonderful place with unique functions.

Now that they knew that Yang Guo s so called defection was caused by Zhao Zhijing, the rest of the Quanzhen Seven Masters had different attitudes toward Yang Guo.

Chapter 59 Nine Suns Guo Jing and Lan Tianhe saw the five clowns running away in a hurry, but they didn t chase after them, they stood in front of the cave and exchanged pleasantries, let alone mentioning it.

wandered how do you use global green cbd oil how do you use global green cbd oil over. Although Ke Zhen e was blind but his ears were sharp, he could hear movement from Yang how do you use global green cbd oil Guo s side from a long distance away, so how do you use global green cbd oil the curious Guo Fu and Ke Zhen e walked over, Ke Zhen e s heart moved when he heard the movement from here, frowning and asked Fu er, what s going on Oh It s strange, how do you use global green cbd oil why is Yang Guo lying on the ground like a toad, and learning how to scream like a toad Guo Fu looked at Yang Guo suspiciously, clapped her hands repeatedly, and laughed loudly, Toad Toad He It is indeed a big toad Toad Kungfu Ke Zhen e gritted his teeth when he heard Guo Fu s description, Toad Kungfu This kid Yang Guo actually practiced Toad Kungfu Who the hell is he Cbd Oil And Migraines how do you use global green cbd oil What does he want to do The more Ke Zhen e talked, the more he hated him.

Although they are not well known, everyone on the island can see the affection between the two.

All the way to the border of Shaanxi without any danger, the four of them have encountered danger along the way.

Wu Dunru turned around and returned to the main hall, bit the bullet and how do you use global green cbd oil coughed, and said in a deep voice My partner, a golden eagle, the little guy holds a grudge, because Zhao Zhijing hurt me yesterday, so he was targeted by it.

The Golden Snake Whip blocked the pursuit of the five clowns in Tibet.

In fact, she knew in her heart that the possibility was unlikely, cbd oil for derealization but she was still afraid that if Wu Santong s condition would recur again, she would be able to take care of her at any time.

Wu Dunru s mind moved, this person s inner power was unfathomable, but his tone didn t seem to be malicious, since he had already opened his mouth to invite, it s not good to refuse categorically, it would be bad if he annoyed the other party.

After Da Khan knew about it, he was furious. Hurry up and pass the order, let how do you use global green cbd oil him take the heads of Jingxu Taoist and Silent Monk to apologize as soon can ncaa athletes use cbd oil as possible.

Yes Master We understand Wu Dunru knew Guo Jing s intentions were good and he was afraid that they would be in danger, so he clasped his fists and replied.

Ouyang Feng thought of this and smiled This little guy Why Just let how do you use global green cbd oil him go crazy GoTravel how do you use global green cbd oil for a while, thinking back then, didn t Kerr often sneak out Which Cbd Oil For Depression how do you use global green cbd oil to play Ouyang Feng, who had waited patiently for more than an hour, was a little anxious when he saw that Yang Guo hadn t come back.

Guo Jing followed up and waved his palm to take a pat. This is the Wrathful King Kong in the Great Subduing Demon Fist.

Today, the Mongolian soldiers chasing and intercepting along the way are more frequent than the day before, making Wu Dunru and others unbearably disturbed.

Wu Xiuwen led the way, followed by everyone. Everyone turned around a mountain depression, and beside a mountain wall covered with bushes and vines, there was a small cave behind an ancient locust tree that seemed to be hundreds of years old and surrounded by several people.

It turned out that the entrance of the cave was not big, and it was covered with vines and overgrown with weeds.

Huang Rong gave a wry smile. Brother Jing is so rigid and cute, so he could only follow his will, retreat outside the battle is the rating on cbd gummies for the whole thing circle, and feed Ke Zhen e a pill to suppress internal injuries, but his eyes Which Cbd Oil For Depression how do you use global green cbd oil were closely watching the two people on the field.

Otherwise, with your cleverness, how can I teach you a lesson Wu Dunru saw Wu Xiuwen showing his usual expression.

Ouyang Feng yelled cluck and swayed his body, as if he could fall down at any time, but the stronger Guo Jing s palm strength was, the stronger his counterattack power would be correspondingly.

He hurriedly boarded the boat, got into the canopy of the boat shortly, and disappeared.

Use it. Wu Dunru thought for a while and offered advice from the side.

Up to this fight, how do you use global green cbd oil Guo Jing has already been able to keep pace with him, and it is hard to distinguish between them.

The little tongue how do you use global green cbd oil Cbd Oil In Lubbock Texas stretched out and wrapped up how do you use global green cbd oil the divine pill and swallowed it in his mouth.

I saw that Wu Dunru arranged the left behind Shi Zier in a formation of two, two, and one, and Wu Xiuwen arranged it in a formation of one, one, and three.

Speaking of this, Shi Yun s eyes are red, tears are like rain, after all, he is a teenager, no matter how precocious, when talking about his father s serious injury and death because of helping him, how can he not feel extremely sad Everyone in Wu Dunru was deeply sympathetic, and they calmed down after comforting for a while.

This time, I would like to thank all of you who have traveled thousands of miles to come to the rescue.

Wu Santong, if it weren t for the fox spirit adopted daughter of your family, Lu Lang would not I will leave me.

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