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The ground, already seriously injured, fruit medley flavor cbd gummies can t move Chapter fruit medley flavor cbd gummies 351 Arrived in Time Previous Chapter fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Chapter 350 Changes Master Cheng Yaojia heard fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Sun Buer s cry of pain in the distance, turned around and saw this situation, and let out a sad cry, no matter what other people flew towards Sun Buer, but it was difficult to save the fire from far away, it royal cbd oil in indiana was too late.

Ask what fruit medley flavor cbd gummies love is in the world, so that life and death will meet each other in the world Flying guests from all over the world, the fruit medley flavor cbd gummies old wings have been cold and hot The sad and sad singing drifted farther and farther, and Li Mochou was no longer seen in a few flashes buy best quality cbd oil That apricot yellow figure.

All right, but anyone who Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Epilepsy royal cbd oil in indiana goes against his will will be hated by him.

The Mongols didn t know why, and the people of the Vajra Sect were also puzzled.

There is no one else in the private school in the middle of the night except the husband, father and daughter, and myself, who would Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Epilepsy royal cbd oil in indiana come here Could it be that Mr.

You can t run away The general took the lead and laughed out loud, as if he was about to say something sarcastic, but suddenly felt the horse s feet flicker, and after a whimper, it couldn t help falling At the same time, the Mongolian cavalry rushing to the front sank in unison.

I have to take care of you Li Mochou complained, but Eagle Hemp Cbd Gummies Ingredients fruit medley flavor cbd gummies her hands were a little bit weaker.

Jinlun Fawang s five point method controls the fruit medley flavor cbd gummies five flywheels to make a sound of Du duk in the air, and diliu liu flies up, down, left, and right around Wu Dunru, waiting for an royal cbd oil in indiana Cannaleafz Cbd Gummies Review opportunity to attack.

So buy cbd oil in virginia minor far, the final battle between the two fruit medley flavor cbd gummies of us will be fought again tomorrow All the heroes around couldn t help laughing.

But the eyes of the dark, rough and unrestrained woman who sang and joked with Wu Xiuwen and joked with Jinlun Fawang before were shining brightly, because she was standing at the right angle to see the little change in Xiaoxiangzi s abnormal facial expression.

But the careful Elder Peng was able to detect that the calmed down Lujiazhuang had a strange and depressing atmosphere compared to the original tranquility.

Zhu Ziliu set up a pergola to look at the situation on the shore, and fruit medley flavor cbd gummies couldn t help laughing secretly This woman likes to be lively, and everyone has a curious nature So he nodded with a smile and said Okay Just come to sit for a few days The boat is also very boring, so let s get off the boat to see the excitement and then go overland, what do you think, girl Li Mochou s eyes were pretending fruit medley flavor cbd gummies to be reserved for a moment, but she still couldn t help Puchi and said with a smile, Of course After getting along these few days, Li Mochou has wrapped up all kinds of things that have been wrapped in layers for many years.

How Many Ml Of Cbd Oil To Take For Insomnia

The disciples practiced hard, and there was a thriving scene. In terms of fortune alone, Jin Xiang, who raised his arm with King Kong and suffered a comminuted fracture of his shoulder, rushed back to the King Kong Gate without stopping.

The moves of the rabbit up and down just now were a long story, but they only took a few breaths.

After slashing the Flying Dragon Sword obliquely with one sword, he swiped back to Yang Guo s lower abdomen.

He was called Mo Zhigen, which means superb arrow skills. Mo Zhigen saw that the dozens of sharpshooters he sent out were almost wiped out by Guo fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Jing and Wu Dunru.

But killing them now may be inappropriate. Elder Peng quickly stood up and bowed, seeing Kublai Khan looking at him suspiciously, he continued to explain His Royal Highness has just promulgated a recruitment order a few days ago, recruiting strange people and doing things together to contribute to the great cause.

Fairy Li, quickly bring another apprentice to me Wu Dunru shouted loudly.

Batu s team is not big this time. But they are all elites, familiar faces such as Ari Lance, Suheba Beast, and Yild are on the list, Elder Peng, Jiang Baishou, and fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Gong Qiang are also accompanying them, and dozens of Mongolian warriors accompanying them are also He is Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies one of the best players in a hundred.

It s just that Li Mochou and Ling Hongbo have been restrained for too long, and their whole Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies bodies are already stiff.

How To Make Cbd Oil More Effective

I have mixed feelings in my heart and don t know what to do. to be continued Chapter 339 Persuasion Things are so unexpected, I was no less surprised than fruit medley flavor cbd gummies you Wu Xiuwen shrugged helplessly, and then solemnly said, Uncle Zhu also knows that Li Mochou has accumulated blood and debts in the past ten years, and he is a complete monster.

This fight cbd gummies or tinctures in forest lake mn lasted for hundreds of rounds, and the King of Silver Staff put away the arrogance in his heart, and secretly marveled in his heart that this middle earth martial artist should not be underestimated.

There is a record in the Buddhist scriptures When Sakyamuni was the prince, one day he went out of the city and an elephant blocked the road.

So after discussing, it was decided that Ma Guangzuo should be handed over to Wu Dunru to deal with.

Seeing this, Lu Wushuang also changed his expression, and immediately changed his appearance, and said in a deep voice I m sorry Elder Peng.

But for some reason, seeing fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Zhu Ziliu s not so tall figure standing in front of cbd oil oral or topical him and trying his best to resist the opponent and protect him like a madman, Li Mochou s mood has never been so peaceful for more than ten years.

When these food crops can be popularized in our south, they can greatly increase agricultural productivity, and fundamentally make it possible for us to be rich and strong.

After a whistle. Dajin, who had already been waiting on the side stone pillar, fell from the sky.

The smart people on the field heard the ambiguity and didn t pay attention to it, while the foolish people paid attention to the result and didn t notice Zhu Ziliu s tricks.

In short, no one stopped or chased them, so the cronies escaped easily.

Not to mention those pickled objects in your alchemy room, and those things that are not available to the public.

Lu Wushuang didn t rush after him either, and fruit medley flavor cbd gummies retracted his swords, fruit medley flavor cbd gummies and returned to Wu Xiuwen s side to explain to the three that Wu Xiuwen was poisoned, but he had already removed it, and there was nothing serious about it.

Wu Xiuwen walked to the front of the four cbd oil dosage for canine clowns, and said in a loud voice Heroes from all over the world, welcome everyone to participate in this hero meeting.

After reaching the fifth is it agaist the law to fly with cbd oil level, it usually takes more than 30 years of hard work to practice one level deeper.

As for the bloody fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Dosage revenge of fruit medley flavor cbd gummies the brothers in the Business Alliance, if necessary, I will arrange for others to deal with it for you.

That s right Batu suddenly thought of something, and quickly took off a pocket knife from his waist.

This time I met Li Mochou by chance, and after going through a dangerous situation together, she fell into a coma and was taken care of by Li Mochou meticulously.

I don t ask for any status. Since I can be fruit medley flavor cbd gummies in the same room with the young master tonight.

I ve seen Big Brother Meng Jing Wu Xiuwen hastily cupped his hands in salute, and Meng Jing waved his hands with a smile.

The Vajra Gate did not find a good opportunity to attack moreover, they probably wanted to be far away from both the Vajra Gate and the Dalun Temple.

Whether it was inner strength, mental skills or boxing and sword skills, he learned the most authentic and essential things.

There are very few people in the world who can excel in martial arts at a young age like Wu Dunru, Wu Xiuwen, Yang Guo, Xiaolongnu and others.

Seeing that King Jinlun Fawang and other Mongolian warriors had already left the field of vision of the how much cbd oil to cure cancer heroes, Guo Jing returned to Huang Rong s side and asked with concern, Rong er, how are you Do you feel a little uncomfortable It s okay Brother Jing, don t worry.

If he didn t dare to fight like this, then he would really be ashamed and thrown home.

The retreating Three Envoys of the Wind and Cloud met a strong opponent again after being separated from Wu Xiuwen and the others for less than half a day, and that was Li Mochou, the Fairy of Chilian who came to Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Epilepsy royal cbd oil in indiana Sichuan alone and hurried on his way The Three Envoys of the Wind and Cloud were full of depression, while the Emissaries of Liuyun and Miaofeng Envoys were filled with resentment, and they didn t know who to trouble them to vent their anger.

His dog nature, it turns out that his new master is a wild fruit medley flavor cbd gummies dog all over It really works like a dog All the heroes at the side were delighted when Yang Guo belittled the arrogant, insidious and cunning Jinlun Fawang and Zhao Zhijing, who deceived his master and exterminated his ancestors, they all cheered and applauded endlessly, which made Jinlun Fawang even more depressed.

Personally, I have strong martial arts skills. Being able to resist the pursuit of the Mongolian army, secondly, it has strong mobility and is more flexible than the army when retreating.

Throwing elephant ditch. This is an allegory, describing Buddhism as incredible.

But compared with Ma Guangzuo, the odds of winning a draw might not be great and he still has some confidence in himself after the fight with Daerba just now.

But he still held back, now Dalun Temple, Mongolia, and Vajra Sect are gathered in Dalun Temple, and there are many masters among them, and they fruit medley flavor cbd gummies don t know the situation, so now is not the time to sneak in rashly.

Most of the weight of the body is on the ugly girl, and fruit medley flavor cbd gummies she needs to be supported fruit medley flavor cbd gummies by her to walk.

It s best if you can think this way. The most taboo thing about this kind of spiritual mysticism is to go into a dead end.

We must win the power of Daxueshan Dalun Temple The process of moving forward in silence seemed so long and so fast, and the feeling of contradiction made the two groups of people feel aggrieved and uncomfortable.

As a blacksmith these years, he has fruit medley flavor cbd gummies not let go of his skills. It s just that he was still young and had limited knowledge, so his martial arts did not reach a high level.

This day is almost beyond the boundary of Zhangzhou. There are many snakes in Fujian.

Those people in the Jianghu also have fruit medley flavor cbd gummies unique skills and are not afraid of death.

It s a pity that Jinlun Fawang really didn t know anything about it.

Just now from a distance, King Jinlun Fawang and Huo Dou sang together and wanted to force Guo Jing to submit.

When it came to Feng Mofeng, Huang Yaoshi s heart softened and he only had his left leg broken.

In fact, I don t care whether she is beautiful or not, but her temperament.

She matches my brother very well, but now I m just worried that we should call Uncle Master compared to younger sister Cheng Ying.

For a while, people screamed and screamed, and Mongolian cavalrymen fell from their horses from time to time.

The precious elixir was stuffed in Yang Guo s arms, and he arranged the elixir room.

but. King Kong didn t see it, and what the several hidden whistles outside the courtyard didn t notice was that a red Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies haired animal, which looked like a cat but not a cat, fruit medley flavor cbd gummies or a leopard but not a leopard, some like a lynx, was crawling about a foot away from the corner of the wall.

If you need anything in Mongolia, just come to me Batu patted his chest when how much cbd oil is in cbd lotion he heard that it was the savior s brother.

Huang Rong glanced at Wu Dunru helplessly, and Wu Dunru smirked and did not refute.

You guys GoTravel fruit medley flavor cbd gummies went down the mountain this time to help Guo Jing and Guo Daxia defend Xiangyang and resist the Mongolian invasion.

There are quite a few cavalry who have successfully jumped over fruit medley flavor cbd gummies the first ditch, but most of them still cannot escape the trap of the second ditch.

Even if royal cbd oil in indiana Cannaleafz Cbd Gummies Review there is no time or failure to destroy the plank, the dislocation between them will prevent the small number of Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies cavalry who are lucky fruit medley flavor cbd gummies enough to step on the plank from passing all the way, and will fall into the next ditch.

Zhu Ziliu, Wu Santong and his wife and a group of juniors also stepped forward to salute in turn.

Just escort this girl to Dali so that Master Yideng can complete the explanation Fishing, woodcutter, plowing, and reading four people also asked the beggars gang for help when acupuncture today cbd oil they were looking for Mengyao, so Guo Jing and Huang Rong also knew about fruit medley flavor cbd gummies this matter.

The disciples of the Beggar Clan had to go down to inquire about the specific situation, and then came back to report that some of the guests who had arrived were indeed intercepted by a small group of Mongolian warriors on the way After more than half an hour, several waves of people came one after another, and after a little inquiring, they were all delayed because they were intercepted by Mongolian warriors.

Instead, it caused the loss of one s own troops and the opponent s prestige.

First of all, the mysterious and low key Ben religion sent important fruit medley flavor cbd gummies figures from the Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies religion to discuss with the Kadang sect and Kagyu sect to jointly resist the Mongolian invasion.

That s right Young Hero Wu Dunru, not only do I need your help to find a place, but I also want to ask Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies you how to dose 70 cbd oil infused into vape juice to help me break the formation together You must know.

How many lives are at stake That s why the villain chased them all the way here Elder Peng really didn t hide anything, and revealed all their plots in one breath.

He often says that he will put down the butcher s knife and become a Buddha immediately.

Jinlun Fawang s face was gloomy, and he couldn t believe it in his heart.

She brandished fruit medley flavor cbd gummies the nine section whip in her hand to take advantage of the victory and pursue her.

I Ari Lance wanted to argue a few more words, but Batu stopped him with stern eyes.

As long as he secretly joins the Mongol Empire and works for them, he will surely enjoy endless glory royal cbd oil in indiana Cannaleafz Cbd Gummies Review and wealth in the future.

Hmph Wu Xiuwen learned that Elder Peng turned back to get back the Mongolian warrior costume.

The news spread immediately, and the surviving soldiers loudly thanked fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Daulda for his generous reward.

Since they must be immortal enemies, I have humiliated him many times before, and I have already torn my face.

Stone pillars of different widths and thicknesses, the large ones are as huge as a courtyard, and the thinner stone pillars are also two feet thick, arranged in a patchwork pattern in the valley.

I don t know how Zen Master Kuhui found such fruit medley flavor cbd gummies a worldly source. The valley is much warmer than the outside, exotic flowers and grasses are everywhere, and rare birds and beasts can be seen.

Wang Jiantong, the former leader of the beggar gang, chose Qiao Feng Xiao Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Epilepsy royal cbd oil in indiana Feng as his successor but didn t really trust him completely, and left a fatal letter, which led to his later tragedy.

The Mongolian envoy saw that Ku Toutuo had made a firm conclusion on this matter, and it seemed that he did not intend to cooperate with him to deal with it, so Eagle Hemp Cbd Gummies Ingredients fruit medley flavor cbd gummies he could only speak in an official tone with a calm face Since this is the case, this is a big matter, and I will deal with it on my own.

Unexpectedly, what they did at the Lujiazhuang Heroes Meeting has been publicized by fruit medley flavor cbd gummies all the heroes who participated in the Heroes Meeting.

In fact, his name Shuchi means guest, and it can also be translated as person of unknown origin.

Everyone present was in an uproar again, condemning Jinlun Fawang and Huo Dou s despicable behavior unanimously even some straightforward people fruit medley flavor cbd gummies in the recruiting hall began to curse in a low voice.

Put another hand on the wall lightly. It fell silently in the dark under the corner of the wall.

So after coming to the Tianzhu God Monk to learn skills, he was able to absorb the skills and experience of this rare medical master in cbd oil for flu virus the world very quickly.

Firstly, it is out of selfishness, and secondly, after the matter is completed, she will be able to contribute to His Highness s great cause.

Wu Dunru and others stood on the spot, blocking the Mongolian team of one hundred people.

I don t care much about it. It s just that those people from the rivers and lakes who heard the news and gathered in Xiangyang City pure herbal turmeric cbd oil are quite a headache Kublai Khan sighed.

At this moment, he had successfully touched outside the tent where Li Mochou s master and apprentice were imprisoned.

Wu Dunru thought to himself I really don t know who is stronger, I or Daerba, and don t look at Daerba s golden pestle, my Xuanbing Epee has been tested many times, and its toughness is definitely not inferior to that of the unborn Dark iron epee, it should be compared with Daerba Wu Dunru, who had this kind of thought in mind, did not dodge, Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies and rushed towards Daerba with all his strength.

At this time, Zhu Ziliu gradually regained his senses, looked at the two people who died tragically, and said with a look of unbearable expression Why are you doing Rachael Ray Cbd Gummies For Diabetes this Li Mochou didn t know what happened.

That s right fruit medley flavor cbd gummies This is the brother Yang I know. Wu Xiuwen saw that Yang Guo started fruit medley flavor cbd gummies joking, and knew that Yang Guo s mood fruit medley flavor cbd gummies had improved, so he fruit medley flavor cbd gummies also laughed heartily.

No loss, no loss Ma Guangzuo was so happy that Wu Dunru smiled embarrassedly, and waved his hands quickly.

Master You can t let him like this. The more you give him buy cbd oil cartridge online face, the more shameless he will be If you give him a good word, you will slap him in the face.

Where Big brother Zhang said that, it s really annoying little brother But I heard that brother King Kong should be free to see big brother Zhang by tomorrow at the latest Jin Shi said innocently.

He couldn t help feeling embarrassed, and he was a little timid when he moved his hands.

My father and Uncle Zhu Ziliu kava cbd gummies will take her back to Dali immediately.

At this time, Lu Wushuang s right hand sword was locked, and he didn t want to lose the gift Wu Xiuwen gave him, so he used his left hand sword to break the siege, which naturally surprised Gongsun Zhi.

Master, Mistress, this disciple is hemp bomb cbd gummies 375mg bottle 25ct bottle just going to find out the situation.

Although the Suheba beast was horrified in its heart, it refused to admit defeat, snorted coldly, and mocked loudly Master Messenger, such a rough routine, that is, a street performer s style, is not worth mentioning The Mongolian envoy team Eagle Hemp Cbd Gummies Ingredients fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Hearing the words, there were bursts of laughter.

paste. Good Good Good Since you are so bullying, I, Wei Tianwang, risked my life today to let you know that Shaolin in the Western Regions is not easy to mess with Wei Tianwang was so fruit medley flavor cbd gummies Cbd Gummies Dosage angry fruit medley flavor cbd gummies that he didn t know what to do.

There should be nothing wrong Some royal cbd oil in indiana Cannaleafz Cbd Gummies Review of the senior brothers guarding the royal cbd oil in indiana gate are hidden in the courtyard, and some are hiding best yputube on hemp cbd oil in the dark, but we were still some distance away from there just now.

It s really annoying. Yes Yes But there is nothing we can do. There are a lot of wild animals in Kunlun Mountains. Although we can drive them away, these beasts that don t remember to eat will come to make trouble every once in a while.

Troubled, did not fruit medley flavor cbd gummies receive the correct guidance and embarked on the fruit medley flavor cbd gummies wrong path of the female devil, and even went further and further away.

Main Text Chapter 223 Talking about old things Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen fruit medley flavor cbd gummies lurked in the dark, waiting patiently.

I didn t know it was Wu Dunru s young hero just now, so fruit medley flavor cbd gummies I offended him a lot.

From the perspective of growth they were also raised by their enemies.

but the concern in the tone is very obvious. It s okay Don t you know my abilities Wu Xiuwen said with a smile.

That would invisibly bring a lot of positive images to Li Mochou. And even some people who were worried about Li Mochou would not accuse Wu Xiuwen of having something to do with Li Mochou, the female devil, when it came to matters of righteousness.

After fruit medley flavor cbd gummies hearing this, the two nodded repeatedly and had no other opinions.

Little bastard Looking for a beating If you have something to say, hurry up, and if you have to fart, hurry up Wu Santong couldn t help it, fruit medley flavor cbd gummies and cursed loudly.

But after all, Yang Kang s death has an indirect relationship with her, so seeing Yang Guo s progress far beyond her expectation suddenly shows how talented Yang Guo is Huang Rong couldn t help worrying If Yang Guo turned against fruit medley flavor cbd gummies them because of Yang Kang in the future, the consequences would be unpredictable When Huang does cbd oil heal Rong was weighing whether or how likely Yang Guo would be to her and Brother Jing s disadvantage because of Yang Kang s death, Yang Guo and best cbd gummies for heart health Zhao Zhijing had fought for more than ten rounds, completely suppressing Zhao Zhijing to the point of parrying.

Jinlun Fawang had already fruit medley flavor cbd gummies led a group of his men back and retreated, Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen could only hurriedly say hello to Guo Jing, and called Shi Yun to follow Jinlun Fawang and his party from afar.

Therefore, the breeze and soft sword in Wu Xiuwen s hand used softness to overcome rigidity to deal with Fan Yiweng s fierce water splashing stick technique performed by the dragon head crutches.

And Sharp Knife is Wu Xiuwen s code name, which means that he is a sharp knife inserted into the enemy s heart, ready to give the enemy a fatal blow at any time.

Many of them are devout religious believers and have a close relationship with that Lama Temple.

Tanghua. The update is Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies fruit medley flavor cbd gummies fast, the website page is refreshing, and fruit medley flavor cbd gummies there are few advertisements.

How could you commit yourself to being under the tent of the Mongols Driven, help the tyrant to abuse and harm the common people The Mongols are tyrannical and innocent.

After a long time, you will lose your strength Seeing this, Jin Xiang was secretly delighted.

Elder Peng is completely evasive with just one word. Why do I think it s because you sent Jiang Baishou best cbd oil in boulder to rescue Li Mochou, that s why you re making sophistication Yin Kexi said with a sneer.

Gongsun Lue rolled her eyes, and quickly grabbed a senior brother, and at the moment when the senior brother was stunned, she grabbed fruit medley flavor cbd gummies the corner of the fishing net in his hand and was about to snatch it.

King Kong s eyes lit up when he heard the words of fortune, and he secretly said The opportunity has come King Kong shouted loudly This little brother It turns out that you also have a grudge against this kid Why don t you and I join forces and kill this kid to avenge you To be continued.

We can t do anything about it. no Everyone is lucky, just treat it as a joy Yeah yeah The group of disciples on duty who surrounded them chatted one after another, said a few words in a hurry, fruit medley flavor cbd gummies and then hid themselves in their respective positions again.

D. to summon one of the most influential religious leaders, Saska Patriarch Sa Sri Lanka Pandita.

Knowing that she had agreed with her statement, she calmed down and said, I know fruit medley flavor cbd gummies this is difficult.

Military matters. Now that we have met each other, Brother Meng Gong can write a letter to his family teacher.

All the way over the wall and back to the original way, because there was a lot of delay before, the evening class of the disciples of the Vajra Sect has ended, and there are many more people coming and going in the Vajra Sect than when they sneaked in.

Jinlun Fawang and others gritted their teeth with hatred in their hearts.

Eldest brother It s okay Hmph You are not good at learning You missed at a fruit medley flavor cbd gummies critical moment, but you will hurt all the brothers You will be fined to face the wall in the forbidden room for a month Gongsun Zhi sternly shouted.

I m really sorry GoTravel fruit medley flavor cbd gummies that I can t go to Xiangyang to meet the commander Meng Gong regretted.

All of this made Jinlun Fawang very sure that Guo Jing must have been injured, and the injury must be serious.

Many people on both sides of the war who hadn t noticed the scene just now were still wondering what happened.

It took more than a dozen rounds before he gradually returned to his slump.

Girl Meng I didn t expect us to meet again Which Cbd Oil Is Best For Cancer fruit medley flavor cbd gummies after are cbd gummies legal in florida a few months Wu can i use my hsa account for cbd oil Xiuwen cupped his hands and said softly.

Why King Kong was a little puzzled. Ku Toutuo turned around and stared at King Kong for a while, when King Kong was at a loss.

Wu Xiuwen fruit medley flavor cbd gummies went back to Dali with his two girlfriends. The bystanders fruit medley flavor cbd gummies laughed and joked, This is taking my daughter in law to see the elders It seems that Shaoxia Xiuwen s good news is coming soon, and we will be able to drink his wedding wine soon That s right Young Hero Dunru, why don t you become an elder brother much later than your younger fruit medley flavor cbd gummies brother Several beggar gang elders teased Wu Dunru.

After paying a heavy price, the Mongolian army has completely stopped its progress.

Otherwise, I would have escorted the girl back to Dali, and there would be no such twists and turns Wu Xiuwen said with some regret.