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As a teacher, you must succeed in one strike, otherwise, after letting them know the value of the Snow Mountain God Sable, they will drink Charlette Web Cbd robin roberts cbd gummies cost precious blood immediately to improve robin roberts cbd gummies cost their skills Disciple obeys The american cbd oil shark tank two disciples said yes, and when cbd oil and modafanil they saw that the Silver Staff Dharma King didn american cbd oil shark tank t give any more orders, they backed away gently.

Looking around, it is full of unique styles. Sarska Sect temple. And the one who got the news in advance and greeted at the Charlette Web Cbd robin roberts cbd gummies cost gate of the temple was the head of the Saska faction, Saska Pandita and his nephew, who were talented and skilled in martial arts, and would have become top masters in the future, ranking among the great Mongolia Master s Ba Siba.

The possibility of robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd Vajra Gate turning to the Mongol Empire is slim.

So you can t judge success or failure based on the result of a buy cbd oil in bellaire tx contest american cbd oil shark tank Jinlun Fawang retorted again road.

Under Wushuang s repeated request, he got up and stood respectfully behind Lu Wushuang, as if guarding King Kong.

This team can be described as a divine soldier, best cbd oil for vaping even Ma Tianji, Ding Daquan, and Dong Songchen did not expect that reinforcements would arrive in time at this critical moment.

Boom There was a loud noise. Daerba american cbd oil shark tank put the golden pestle on the ground with one hand, several cracks immediately appeared on the bluestone floor, Daerba leaned on the golden pestle with both hands, and Sheng Ruohong yelled reads Darba asked Senior Brother Dunru cbd oil and chronic hives if you killed some of his disciples No need to remind, Shi Yun took the initiative to translate.

Before we set off, we sent someone back GoTravel american cbd oil shark tank to report the letter. Unfortunately, we didn t get a reply for a long time, and we knew that the junior brother who reported the letter must have had an accident on the way.

The Mongolian warrior cried out in pain, and a bloodstain appeared cbd oil that is fda approved on the arm holding the barbecue, and the fine blood flowed out from the wound, but quickly formed bright red ice beads suddenly the injured arm softened, and the barbecue fell down, Jinshi s figure has already taken back the barbecue between advancing and retreating As soon as the Elite Power Cbd Gummies american cbd oil shark tank words fell, the figures of the two who spoke had already appeared in the sight of Wu Dunru and the three of them, both of whom were wearing Vajra Sect costumes.

Lu Wushuang couldn t help asking again road. b The corner of Cheng Ying s mouth turned up slightly, and he explained to Lu Wushuang with a smile in a low voice.

Originally, Wan Yanping s pair of iron palms was still a little disadvantaged against Yin Kexi s Golden Dragon Whip, but when she caught the golden saber thrown by Wu Dunru, she didn t need any superb saber skills, just this precious saber was able to make Yin Kexi Terrified.

Many court ladies, eunuchs, and even the Imperial Forest Army were under his command, and later provided great help american cbd oil shark tank to Wu Dunru and others in their great cause.

After about an hour and a half, Wu Dunru actually transformed and absorbed all the yin and cold internal energy poured into the body by Baishang Taoist, american cbd oil shark tank and the nine yang internal energy doubled.

Of course, this is Lu Wushuang who got up early and practiced in the morning.

Guo Fu hastily stepped forward and took out Jiuhua Yulu Pills Cbd Pills american cbd oil shark tank and other healing medicines from her bosom, and gave them to the injured Quanzhen Sect who were lying on the ground.

Master Abbot is worried that those who practice martial arts will lose their Buddha s heart because they are too brave to fight, but they don t want to be born into the world.

Slowly all smiles. Freed american cbd oil shark tank Finally freed Mistakes must always be paid back.

The leader of the american cbd oil shark tank gang is in Cbd Pills american cbd oil shark tank the same boat, so he said a lot of foul language and cursed the leader of the Sha gang The island robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd owner secretly raised his eyes to see that the leader of Sha Gang was not as furious as he expected, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

You save face, let you take her back to Dali. But since you don t know each other, it doesn t matter, that s just right, this prince just accepts her as a maid in the greenhouse Hehehe Prince Huodu burst american cbd oil shark tank out lascivious Laughing, he reached out and hugged the thin waist of the masked woman in white.

Okay Since I fenofibrate interactions with cbd oil have already said that the people of Tianshan Mountain will be handed over to you, then I will not interfere Master Batu laughed and spread his hands freely when he heard this.

And Lu Wushuang took a elixir to stabilize his injury, and immediately came to Li Mochou s Master Songxi.

Cbd Gummies For Pain Uk Reviews

Although in this process, many of our old friends have sacrificed their precious lives for this, but the little old man believes that they have spirits in heaven, and they will definitely be able to smile when they see today s victory Yang Cuo I miss it.

There should be nothing wrong Some of the senior brothers guarding the what is the best full spectrum cbd oil on the market gate are hiding in the courtyard, and some are hiding in the dark, but we were still some distance away from there just now, so we should not have been discovered.

However, there are only 30 people left in our group can cbd oil make anxiety worse reddit because of the scattered places.

General Meng Gong s ancestors defected to Yue Fei s Yue Family Army from Jiangzhou, Shanxi.

Feng Mofeng patted his chest. Guaranteed. After Wu Dunru expressed his gratitude, he left the Tiangong Camp to arrange other matters.

What s more, Wu Dunru has previous life experience, has a broad horizon, knows countless ancient and modern Chinese and foreign war examples, and can quickly combine the stories in his memory with american cbd oil shark tank reality.

They are used to please passers by. Almost everyone in the beggar gang knows it.

Although more people avoided the fatal parts, american cbd oil shark tank Best Cbd Topical they also suffered injuries to varying degrees.

Almost all the masters of the Saska faction including Sasga Pandita and Bhaspa were attacked, and a few masters such as Sassga Pandita and Bhaspa were able to dodge in time.

Ana Lab Cbd Oil

Guarding the gate of the formation is the most Cbd Pills american cbd oil shark tank important thing. A slight mistake may put your companions in danger, so be careful Cheng Ying repeatedly urged.

Batu Khan went out to deal with urgent matters last night. Before leaving, american cbd oil shark tank he told us to treat Mr.

In the end, Yang Guo announced news that can i fly with my cbd oil shocked everyone one by one.

Dakshin, who he sent out to meet the Sarska faction before, and a group of people.

As a result, the Mongolian defenders routinely stood guard at night, and their inspections would be cbd oil for golden retriever slack before they knew it.

Who sells cbd oil natural grow rx 500 mg?

Hmph Pindao doesn t believe it anymore. american cbd oil shark tank A young man in his twenties can compare to Pindao s hard work since he was a child american cbd oil shark tank Although Wu Dunru s masculine skills inherently suppressed Pindao s internal strength, everyone can boil water.

Lu Wushuang even forced the Anti Mongolia Alliance to issue enough pensions to these soldiers who had to retire due to the disability of the war, so that they could live a normal life after returning home.

Although Huang Rong speculated that the other party was talking nonsense to mess with her mind, but after all, it was related to her own flesh and blood, and she was anxious in her heart, which was not as calm as american cbd oil shark tank she showed.

and Ding Daquan. Amitabha Master Ma, we are here at the invitation.

In the past few years, Li Mochou suddenly appeared to help her many times, and Lu Wushuang only found out after the fact that Huang Tara Empress silently GoTravel american cbd oil shark tank resisted assassination plots for her again and again american cbd oil shark tank Forget it Wake her up first.

The third child had already suffered a broken arm, and the sixth child had also received a sword in the chest.

He didn t think that he, as a child, would have any fame for the head american cbd oil shark tank of the beggar gang.

Isn t that right Your Majesty hastened to join in the fun Kublai Khan said While talking, a few people came in hula la.

It s really annoying Dorda shouted at all the Mongolian soldiers with a crisp sound of his horsewhip.

Wearing the same yellow color, but in the shape of a long flowing skirt, Tubo believers think it is the Yellow Tara Empress.

Although I killed him in time, I am afraid that it will soon attract the attention of others.

She is heroic and valiant, but claims that she was conspired by GoTravel american cbd oil shark tank the enemy to take the aphrodisiac, and she GoTravel american cbd oil shark tank must find a man to detoxify it.

When the lord of the Vulture Palace is american cbd oil shark tank strong enough to suppress the island lords and cave lords under his command, there will be no problem, but once the lord shows weakness, and encounters some ambitious people under his command, conflicts will arise.

Shi Yun looked at the wooden box in his hand and sang, talking to himself, the excitement in his heart could not american cbd oil shark tank be expressed in words.

The group of them stayed in the Boritechina army because they had no further orders.

Let s just wave the flag and shout. Just follow along and do what you want to do Hulala, under the guidance robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd of Yang Cuo e s men, the people on the field walked towards the prepared banquet place not far from the foot of the mountain by the shore of Namu Lake.

Tianshan Misty Peak Vulture Palace This oh american cbd oil shark tank Is it the Xiaoyao Sect from back then Elder Peng american cbd oil shark tank frowned and thought for a moment and suddenly realized.

It s a pity that Dajin happened to go to Tubo to deliver a letter to Wushuang and the others.

Fortunately, Master Batu and General Daorda are safe, otherwise the villain will die unforgivably Mu Ren A little scared, although this is a bit exaggerated.

As for the others, they were not so lucky. Huang Yaoshi did not intend to let them go.

After a while, Wu Dunru led the young man to his tent, and after making a cup of tea american cbd oil shark tank for the young man, Wu Dunru slowly asked the young man s name while chatting.

It s hard to get out. King Jinlun, King Yinzhang and Monk Zicong fled in embarrassment under the siege of the crowd, while Wu Dunru yelled angrily before leaving Ma Tianji, Ding Daquan, if you dare to collude with foreigners again, betray the country for glory, and murder Zhongliang, we and other benevolent and righteous people will definitely come to american cbd oil shark tank take your dog s head Don GoTravel american cbd oil shark tank t forget the fate of the traitor Qin Hui The other onlookers also shouted loudly when they heard the words, and Ma Tianji and Ding american cbd oil shark tank Daquan were frightened, their faces pale and limp on the ground.

Not only did you recruit the Wan Beast Villa historian robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd brothers and others, american cbd oil shark tank but you brought back countless beasts and a few masters.

Continue to say to King Jinlun Fa Master Jinlun, you have also seen that the two elder brothers of the Gan family have already spoken.

I must kill them Ba Siba said with red eyes and gritted teeth. This matter is no small matter.

A figure flashed in the distance, only to see Huang Rong galloping towards with a bamboo stick in hand.

Close your eyes and rest up. Wu Dunru always insisted on being a good person to the end, so he made the words he said to Chan Master Tianbei more detailed, american cbd oil shark tank using examples to illustrate, using righteousness to understand it, moving it with emotion, and declaring interests.

After Ma Tianji and Ding Cbd Pills american cbd oil shark tank Daquan came out of the palace, they went to Ma Tianji s mansion together.

Zhu Ziliu s expression was different, and no matter what the reason was, she just cbd oil dosage chart anxiety smiled happily.

Don t say anything Cave Master An assured, patting his chest, but the banter in his eyes was undisguised.

Ba Siba has been premeditating for a long time. He has already ambushed Elite Power Cbd Gummies american cbd oil shark tank the Sarska faction master in disguise to lurk among the ordinary congregants.

The unpredictable things in the world are embarrassing Lord Batu I never expected that you would have fifty thousand soldiers so quickly.

That s right If I can t take advantage of this golden opportunity and let the Mongols overcome the difficulties in front of me, I will never have such a once in american cbd oil shark tank Best Cbd Topical a lifetime opportunity.

The Tiangang Beidou Great Formation of Quanzhen disciples is amazing.

It seems that Kublai Khan and the others are in a hurry Huang Rong looked at the information in her hand and shook her head with a wry smile.

After Wu Dunru settled Yan Guifei, he quietly left the palace of Yan Guifei, came to a little eunuch named Xiao Dezi, had a secret talk with him, and then left the palace without anyone noticing.

Besides, I was so sensitive to the connection between the Mongols and the Vajra Gate because of my previous life experience.

They felt that the time had come, so they openly raised the banner of rebelling against the Mongol rule american cbd oil shark tank and went to war against the Mongol Empire The Mongolian Empire fell into an extremely dangerous situation for a while.

Kang saw that robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd Mr. Batu, who was a bit impatient in the previous conversations, was very american cbd oil shark tank kind this time, and he got up quickly and said flattered, It s the little ones who live american cbd oil shark tank for nothing under the hands of the adults.

My temple really Gradually dilute the style of martial arts Zen Master Tian Bei opened his eyes slightly and said seriously.

On this day, the wind was sunny and the sky was clear. Wu Dunru and Guo Fu went out of the mansion with another little guy in their arms.

How can they yell american cbd oil shark tank like this villain, the owner of Xuanming Island in Beihai, for fear that others will not know Evil Zhang, please don t say a word If you don t want you, american cbd oil shark tank go back to your Xuanming Island in the american cbd oil shark tank North Sea Oh By the way It seems that it is also the american cbd oil shark tank territory of the Mongols now If you come, you will be safe, why What s the use Cave Master An and the villain Zhang were not on the same path, seeing the acne and asked.

I have neglected all heroes, and I hope you will forgive me. Don t dare Don t dare Mr.

At the time when Kublai Khan was drinking with Jinlun Fawang and Elder Peng, the guests and the host were having a good time.

Wu Dunru, Guo Fu, and Lu Youjiao stopped and walked, and turned a corner into a do u need to take cbd oil daily restaurant with a lot of business.

The whole can you vape cbd oil and drive body was american cbd oil shark tank horizontal in the air, american cbd oil shark tank and it flew american cbd oil shark tank towards Wu Dunruru like a lightning poisonous dragon drill.

Wu Dunru glanced coldly at Hou Tonghai and said in a deep voice, You have done a lot of evil.

They believed that the Huang Tara Empress must have given them more and more where to buy cbd gummies for pain near me Charlette Web Cbd robin roberts cbd gummies cost help without their knowledge.

The rebel army in the original Xixia territory was also willing to join Guo Jing s army, so after some communication between the two sides, the rebel army in the original Xixia territory successfully surrendered to Guo Jing s men.

Only then did they regain robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd their composure, and their fiery eyes fixed on the relaxed and at ease Monk Zicong.

How s the situation these two days Ma Tianji asked anxiously first.

He vowed to make Wu Dunru s chaotic internal force american cbd oil shark tank completely out of control.

He always felt that Yang Zuo looked at him with very playful eyes from time to time, which seemed to have other meanings american cbd oil shark tank Best Cbd Topical even when he looked at Bai Du There was an unusual smile in the eyes of Mother and Mother in admiration, but when Wu Xiuwen cheered up and reconfirmed, Elite Power Cbd Gummies american cbd oil shark tank it seemed that he was hallucinating just now, and the expression on the wrong forehead couldn t be more normal Chapter 395 The Man in Black Lord Batu, General Dorda, the spies are here to report The rebels gathered by the Namtso Lake have already elected the leader of the alliance.

Yes, american cbd oil shark tank they american cbd oil shark tank american cbd oil shark tank may not want those wealth, but they also covet those american cbd oil shark tank magical books, and they also have some thoughts.

The news I finally got was similar to what Elder Peng and Xuan Lingzi said.

If I am not careful during this period, there will be hidden dangers Lu Wushuang said I was also a little scared, and I was more grateful that I had this poison eliminating fetish and american cbd oil shark tank happened to arrive in time.

However, His Highness Kublai Khan can t be unprotected Guo Jing is extremely cunning, especially Huang Rong, Zhu Ziliu, american cbd oil shark tank and Zhuge Wangchuan, all of whom are scheming people.

Otherwise, the two Why do you have to put your own school together with the american cbd oil shark tank Best Cbd Topical great power of a senior.

The next step is to go to the houses of Ma Tianji and Ding Daquan.

Save the current decadent situation in Mongolia. It s just that although their plan is going smoothly, most of the Yellow River Gang have seen the hope of the nation and a bright future in the cooperation with Guo Jing and Wu Dunru, so few people surrendered.

Thinking of this, Gongsun Zhi was so angry that he didn t care to go american cbd oil shark tank to the friendly discussion Elite Power Cbd Gummies american cbd oil shark tank between Fan Yiweng and Wu Xiuwen The sawtooth golden Charlette Web Cbd robin roberts cbd gummies cost knife and the black sword in his hand swayed from side to side to cover each other to kill Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv, he was very confident in his yin and yang chaotic blade technique.

Grandpa. Wasn t it the first time that Empress White Tara appeared in the world Empress, she was only a saint of the Charlette Web Cbd robin roberts cbd gummies cost Ben religion at that time.

On the second day, Guo Jing and others unintentionally mentioned to others that Wu Xiuwen went back to Dali with his two girlfriends.

Bring new opportunities and be the last straw that breaks the camel s back.

Not bad Although there are some mistakes, the final effect is not much different from what I imagined, and it can even be said to be much better than what I imagined Wu Xiuwen was very excited.

Wu Xiuwen looked at Fortune. The heroes burst into laughter, Huo Dou do side effects of cbd oil go away knew he had been fooled, and Wu Xiuwen got the upper hand in his tongue.

Although the eight guards were not outsiders, the more people who knew something, the greater the possibility of news leaking.

Wandering Zhu Ziliu. Li Mochou watched Zhu Ziliu s pain in the dark.

Only then did I realize american cbd oil shark tank that our plot might have been overheard by her.

There is a sky beyond the sky. He is still not invincible Dong Songchen explained with an embarrassed smile.

The rest of the treason will also be condemned one by one Wu Dunru lived in the mansion rewarded by Song Lizong in Lin an Mansion, and the Taihu troops brought by Lu Guanying also set up camp outside Lin an Mansion on the grounds of preventing rebels from coming again.

Although there are many shortcomings in normal times, which made Elder Peng and others feel a little disdainful, but in such a critical moment, he is the most calm among the Mongolian soldiers.

Fortunately, Wu Dunru arranged it properly. He chose the route less traveled by, and sent the disciples of the Beggar Clan to open the way, otherwise, the mighty herd Royal Blend Cbd Gummies Near Me of beasts walked all the way, and it is unknown what kind of scenes will be brought along the way.

At this time, with the help of Taoist Baishang s internal energy, the major acupoints of Ren Du s Second Meridian were forcibly opened one by one.

grasp. Master Songxi leaned over and whispered a few words in the saint s ear, nothing more than that if you lose the enemy, you must not be brave, and the most important thing is to protect yourself.

The addition of the divine sculpture american cbd oil shark tank made the Mongolian army even worse, and became the last straw that overwhelmed the camel Er It should not be called american cbd oil shark tank straw, but it can be regarded as a big tree anyway The appearance of the Divine Condor Fang brought a strong shock to everyone, but neither of them knew its origin, and they were both startled and flustered.

No problem, it s really Huang Tara Empress The man shouted excitedly.

From a distance, one could hear roars of tigers, roars of lions, and elephants one after another in the villa, and when the four of american cbd oil shark tank them approached the gate of the villa, they heard an extremely angry shout from inside the villa You guys are too deceitful Since you have already won, Elite Power Cbd Gummies american cbd oil shark tank why bother to kill old boxer Yu What Old Boxer Yu is dead Wang Hu shook his body when he heard the words, bloodshot eyes suddenly burst out, Old Boxer Yu is american cbd oil shark tank the oldest senior in the near generation.

It s not selling yourself as a slave. It s just a negotiating stage right now.

In the american cbd oil shark tank future, we will Just use what you have learned in your chest to help our Han people Wu Dunru and Zhuge Wangchuan barleans cbd oil near me clapped their hands and made a promise.

It s just that brother Xiuwen and I have to go back to Batu as planned.

Mengyao explained with robin roberts cbd gummies cost a coquettish smile It happened suddenly, and I didn t have time to think of a better way.

Don t be american cbd oil shark tank too cold when you meet. But he didn t know that all their actions were under the surveillance of others, and shortly after they separated from the main force, a small businessman who was watching them had quietly passed on the news.

We Han people have a saying, It is easy to add flowers to the cake, but it is difficult to give charcoal in the how many milligrams in a 500 bottle of hempworx cbd oil snow If the two If your lord can help calm cbd gummy the Mongol Empire solve some minor troubles at this time, Khan and His Royal Highness Kublai Khan will naturally remember the kindness of the two lords, and when the Mongol Empire unifies the american cbd oil shark tank world in the future, the benefits of the two lords will be indispensable Monk Zi Cong shook his head.

A profound teaching of unique knowledge. And what is even more unexpected is american cbd oil shark tank that just after the eminent monk passed away, the six brothers actually forced other monks in the temple to hand over the knowledge left by the eminent monk Those monks were unwilling american cbd oil shark tank to go against the american cbd oil shark tank eminent monk s wishes.

Seeing this, Wu Dunru also brought Guo Fu to Taoist Baishang. Wu Dunru is a kind person, although he is hostile to Taoist Baishang, but after all, Taoist Baishang disguised himself as empowering him to make him Nine Suns Divine Art Dacheng, the internal strength has reached the state of perfection, and can be among the ranks of the top masters in the rivers and lakes.

Although he has never seen Master Yang spectrum cbd gummies for pennis growth Cuo e show his skills, but when he was a young novice, Master Yang Cuo e was one of the best masters in the robin roberts cbd gummies cost Oil Stix Ultra 500mg Cbd Tubo area.

With their cooperation, Guo Jing first quietly crossed some of the elite troops across the Yellow River.

Be nervous about him, isn t this a deadly enmity I m afraid that when he wakes up, the does cbd oil have to be held under tongue Mongolian envoy team will die Although this situation is perfect for splitting their relationship, it can t put us in danger american cbd oil shark tank Best Cbd Topical It seems that we need to think carefully about the environment Wu Xiuwen thought about it and left the courtyard while people were not paying attention, and went back to his room to think carefully about the countermeasures.

This disciple is willing to do his best to assist people with american cbd oil shark tank both ability and political integrity, so as to make me Quanzhen Yin Yin Zhiping is sincere, without any dissatisfaction or resentment.

He still has to be punished by the master, so he can only leave with a cold snort.

e american cbd oil shark tank Novel w xiaoshuo Show yourself Yu Yong, the iron arhat, yelled loudly at this moment, and with his arms like wheels, he american cbd oil shark tank suddenly jumped to the side of the huge stone tablet in the center of the field, which was hit into two sections by Master Pan Shi s vigorously opening the tablet.

Chapter 218 Qiu Chuji Fights Nemo Star And Nimoxing is also considered a little famous in Tianzhu.

Those of us who recite sutras and worship Buddha every day, do good deeds and accumulate virtue, we may get enlightenment from the queen after seeing the Huang Tara The old man s eyes were full of hope.

s beautiful looking, elegant looking daughter who was easy to attract people s favor.

Naturally, Cheng Ying won t give up such a great opportunity, and rushed to the front Cbd Pills american cbd oil shark tank of the five ghosts with a stride.

Watching Dakshen gallop away american cbd oil shark tank with a team of ten people. Dauerda withdrew his gaze, and his heart, which had been restless for the past few days, calmed down a little bit, but he american cbd oil shark tank felt that there was still a trace of uneasiness surging in his intuition.

This is the effect that Batu wanted. At this point, he wants us to ride a tiger like a tiger, so he must decide who is superior In this way, they will be picked out by themselves It s really ruthless and poisonous And often many sects The grievances between them are due to such ordinary competitions, because of this battle of spirits, and for the sake of fame Presumably, if our two families become enemies, american cbd oil shark tank Batu will probably clap his hands and celebrate Venerable Maha s eyes The light in the center flickered continuously.

Confused These scholars are the most cunning. They will take their treasures with them They can t tell where they are hidden.

I was so dizzy that I wanted to take advantage of it. When I fell asleep drunk, I suddenly felt a foreign body attack, and before I could dodge, I was hit on the face american cbd oil shark tank by a snowball.

He suddenly felt that he seemed to have a deeper understanding, and his realm would be further improved.

Buddhist disciples, there is nothing wrong with what Venerable Maha said.

Urban Dust When Danyangzi Ma Yu stepped up his offensive to try to find out whether Xiaoxiangzi s cover door was really the Taiyuan Point, the unrestrained woman had already come to Wu Xiuwen s side.

Coincidentally, the Four Brothers Going Back happened to bring some elite experts with them, and rushed to Lin an from the front line day and night to assist Guo Fu.

There is no need for weapon assistance if there is a shot, so it is simply discarded.