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There were quite a lot of people, the people diet to lose weight fast but healthy behind couldn t see the people in front, and there were boats stopping by the river bank one k3 diet to lose weight fast but healthy weight loss pills after another.

Thank you all, and I came out to give you a piece of incense. Thank you for your kindness Ji Xiang didn t expect that this time, the god cards rushed out again, just like the first time he surpassed the level to catch balloon pill for weight loss who perform it in winston salem nc the canopy marshal, but that time, there was a more powerful force that wanted to smash it The attracting power of the blank magic card, but failed in the end.

But in this land of Qiantang, most of the monks have demonic energy in their bodies.

Ji Xiang I really don t know what crime I, the Great Master Laoshan, have committed to be treated like this Did he kill your relatives, or your diet to lose weight fast but healthy best friend Or did he destroy your dojo If Fellow Daoist doesn t give us a convincing statement, I don t care if you are an emissary or a celestial being, I will teach you to bury your corpse here and hang your head in the sky At the same time, he was also looking at Ji Xiang.

Zhang Sanfeng also talked about the magic diet to lose weight fast but healthy of Ji Xiang s spells. Ji Xiang recited scriptures intently.

How could Taoists wear such attire Which god are you going to worship But you are so young, how can you wear black sacrificial clothes You are not worthy to be an officiant.

The God that appeared. That is another self. Shaped by incense, his form and spirit were given by this black clothed monk.

Ever seen puddles when it rains GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy Tick, a blister appeared, and a moment later, the blister burst.

At this time, her legs diet to lose weight fast but healthy and feet were already effective chinese weight loss pills engulfed by the will o the wisp fire, and the heavenly fire calamity was shattering her body and spirit, and Wanmin s incense could no longer stop her.

In terms of specificity, it is very rare and powerful, and the shock device is higher than the spirit weapon.

All peoples wish to recite, gather King Lu just had a thought, and suddenly, in the entire Yingtian mansion, many wishes gathered towards him.

The red capsule fat burner old foreman was shocked when he saw that the temple wishes were thrown out My dear Fighting What s going on Miao Zhu Hurry up, report to the official Just tell the county magistrate that Zhenwu has shown his holiness.

After thousands of years of turmoil, how many times has this Yingtian Mansion been turned into ruins and rebuilt I was just lucky, not completely reduced to a lonely ghost in this turmoil.

Formation and ablation. Okay, just write in the order I said, diet to lose weight fast but healthy and see the power You two best way to help lose weight fast juniors, you can use power without mana After all, this is my original method of writing talismans, diet to lose weight fast but healthy which is unparalleled in the world GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy I used this method, even if you are trash, you can still cast the powerful golden light spell Hu Xiaoshi only felt that diet to lose weight fast but healthy his blood was surging Teacher Zu, it turns out that you have an exclusive secret book Then the little claws danced, and with a ghost drawing talisman, the new golden light spell was drawn crookedly, and Her Diet Pink Pill Review diet to lose weight fast but healthy suddenly it shone brightly Wow It s done After a short period of sluggishness, Hu Xiaoten yelled out in surprise Hu Liang, a boy from a craftsman who was watching from the sidelines, and Shen Yixiu, a lady of the family, had already gathered together and applauded fiercely.

The Buddha said that one must become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva, an Arhat, and practice There are when does keto insomnia start thirty seven levels of Mahayana Buddhism.

And not only that, but tall human beings also appeared in the town.

The silver in the Ming Dynasty was only 2. 9 million a year at its peak, but the annual financial expenditure was more than twice this figure.

describing the existence of the Dragon of Luck. Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy anxiety medicine that makes you lose weight This dragon diet to lose weight fast but healthy seals the world This is the curse set by the damned Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and Dongfang Shuo.

Energy Supplements For Weight Loss

Ji Xiang frowned slightly. Although he could feel that Huo Jun s body and spirit had changed, there was still a part of it that was even more strange, but it was hard to describe, just like There are several forms and spirits in a person.

Xu Fu was very surprised It turns out that it is like this This is indeed orlistat e metformina a good thing, but you have taken the initiative to come into contact with diet to lose weight fast but healthy the disaster.

Up to this point, Bixia Yuanjun, who governs Mount Tai, still doesn t know anything about it.

In the Jiuxiao Palace of the Shangqing Dynasty, just now, the wind and thunder shook together, and even the main hall was about to collapse into ruins.

He pointed to the front, and Feng Menglong saw that Mrs. Hou was howling in pain at this moment, and a pure yang master stood on the top, whose aura was comparable to that of the original Maoshan Mountain Lord.

Up to now, the accumulation of Daoyun should not have reached the upper limit.

As long as I got green liver and green blood, she loved to kill those little demons and killed them.

I didn t circumvent the rules of heaven, so I also suffered disaster.

Qin Nvxiu Although I don t understand what Ji Xiang is talking about, but this diet to lose weight fast but healthy method of rebirth without birth sounds like a method of heresy, I didn t expect to have this kind of ability, it really is the change of the times, and the prosperity diet to lose weight fast but healthy of all kinds of methods, even GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy the heretics have k3 weight loss pills Does Calcium Supplements Cause Weight Loss it The great stunt is close by.

How Fast Does Lung Cancer Makes You Lose Weight

Even if you really don t know, controlling them can prevent them from cultivating to the true realm of heaven.

Learning this thing because of hatred should be evil. Now I want to try it because I like it.

Soon, the little prince woke up slowly. Like the previous people, he felt that he had lost part of his memory.

These defeated generals have much more sacrifices among the people than us emperors.

If you bring the master diet to lose weight fast but healthy here and make it like this, won t you also get a few thousand taels of silver Of course, the rich merchants couldn t let go of this opportunity to squeeze the county magistrate, and they were very proud, but the Qiantang county magistrate was not an ordinary person, so he immediately said That s fine.

Written in acomplia diet pills reviews the Book of Heaven. It s a good thing that Maoshan s large formations did not involve this part.

There are traffickers who are cautious and cautious, living on a meager basis and looking up to the bright moon.

Call grandpa Which of the dynasties that had Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy occupied half of the country in the past had such power The Liao, Jin, and Xixia dynasties were established after we waited, but the time of their diet to lose weight fast but healthy demise was before us The Yuan Dynasty came, and it was time for a change of the world.

But once you think about it, it s enough. At the level of the earth immortals, the golden fruit of the Arhats can startle the spirits of the ten directions with a single thought.

Buy Diet Pills Online Adipex

At this time, the Blue Sky Demon King, Yellow Sky Demon King, and Daytime Demon King appeared at the same time Then, a bigger roar descended from the sky On Lu Wang s body, the protection the birth control pill that makes you lose weight of the three heavens and the earth disappeared in an invisible state in an instant, and he suddenly turned pale with shock In Dafulitu, Ji Xiang s real body was running the technique of exorcising gods.

Guaranteed, from the beginning to the end, Lingyin Temple is completely unaware of what happened.

The shadow soldier was curious Could it be that the person who entrusted my sister to kill is the Unscrupulous King Kong Huh How do you know Qin Nvxiu looked at Ying Bing curiously The King Kong man with the big black face is not bad, he is much more polite than the angels from the Ten Continents and Three Islands that I saw before.

The kind of devil s calamity that he roared, descended, and entangled before should have been realized.

With a heart of unrelenting compassion, one must cultivate 1,300 good deeds to achieve enlightenment.

Such two thousand years are heavier than the ten thousand years of Lishanhe And across an unknown distance, in the dark, Xu Fu s will seemed to be standing face to face with Chen Taichu how many steps a day for weight loss in a world of nothingness.

Why do you say he is my friend Because I don t feel hostile to this aura, but full of nostalgia.

This is the state of injury increase. This is the way the government army fights against the monks.

Maybe there is no problem with killing disabled or exiled immortals, but the other party is a real immortal, with no flaws, round diet to lose weight fast but healthy and flawless, and has no weakness in our Her Diet Pink Pill Review diet to lose weight fast but healthy eyes.

Shadow stepping Gu, successful The incense was separated, and the black shadow gradually took on color.

Ji Xiang was defeated, but he didn t panic at all. GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy It cannot be used more than once, if used twice in a row, the power will decrease.

How could the others know so carefully They all thought it was Zen Master Huyan who caused the trouble.

The diet to lose weight fast but healthy court is now He is still fighting against Japanese pirates in North Korea, and he has the time to mobilize a large army to attack us Is he k3 weight loss pills not afraid of mutiny The dragon crossing the river can t suppress the local snake While diet to lose weight fast but healthy fighting on our territory, all people s incense and people s wishes are in diet to lose weight fast but healthy our hands.

As for the monk who became an adult in March, after planting the diet to lose weight fast but healthy spell, his body and spirit were immediately withered, and his flesh and blood dried up, as if he had exhausted his blood for a hundred years, just for a short lived moment at this moment.

Occasionally, he would take the initiative to reach out and erase the derived fairy scriptures.

After all, just saying the word Fenghuang can affect the energy of fire between heaven and earth.

I have brought out some magic soldiers and generals. The thirty six guards of Yingtian Mansion are currently being mobilized.

It turned out to be a golden pill with a note attached. Fang Xiandao heard that the new method given by the real person can relieve the transformation of the soul, so I came here to ask for it.

The other party locked diet to lose weight fast but healthy them here forcefully. Although diet to lose weight fast but healthy they had normal food, they just refused to give it out.

Take me somewhere. As Ji Xiang said, Miss Shen was very polite That s what it should be, where is Brother Immortal going Temples, monasteries, handicraft workshops, in short, are 30 Days Fat Loss k3 weight loss pills those places where incense is flourishing and various gods are enshrined.

clear. The black shadow of Emperor Jianwen raised diet to lose weight fast but healthy his palm, and all the disintegrated national prestige rushed towards Ji Xiang, so as not to disappear without a trace.

It is far from reaching the level of cracking the fire escape. Daxian Huaguang Dharma Lord, through the flames, began to send a message to a place.

Tear it up and burn it with fire, and he will be delighted So you GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy stupid disciple of the demon, Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy you only know the preciousness of scriptures and books.

In an instant, a large mountain of gold and silver drowned the cultivator who had crossed the robbery, and the latter was shocked The difficulty of this test paper is wrong There are so many gold and silver mountains diet to lose weight fast but healthy I am not so greedy Ji Xiang was originally concentrating on studying the illusion of the devil, but now he noticed the movement between the diet to lose weight fast but healthy heart demon and the monk.

Immediately, he took out the token of diet to lose weight fast but healthy Medical Weight Loss Racine Facebook the director of Daolu Junior brother is not talented, and he is valued by the Holy Son of Heaven.

The upper mansion is in the middle of the head, the middle mansion is in the heart, and the lower mansion is in the navel.

The main body is a stone chamber, which appears as ordinary things on the outside, and inside diet to lose weight fast but healthy there is the universe, the sun and the moon, and the world of heaven diet to lose weight fast but healthy Medical Weight Loss Racine Facebook accommodates it.

This is a basic use of divine power, commonly known as ghost upper body.

Whether it s killing or robbery, or reflecting, red eyes, Lie Xian uncovers the coffin Things come one after another Ji Xiang felt for a moment that the misfortune in the world of mortals had indeed been reduced a lot, and the unlucky things were indeed affected by this thing, but he still had no way to resolve it, so he could only continue to be unlucky.

After all, the transformation technique is related to the method of form and spirit.

Put them up on Leizu Peak, and lock them up with Patriarch Dongyun, that can you lose weight fast with crossfit place is where the Soul Suppressing Palace is located This They will be beaten to death by the mad diet to lose weight fast but healthy Patriarch Dongyun, right Why are you panicking Lei Zufeng has four palaces, Soul Suppression, Demon Locking, Demon Trapping, and Exorcism The Patriarch is in the Soul Suppressing Palace.

Not only that, they can t k3 weight loss pills Does Calcium Supplements Cause Weight Loss even reach the peak of Ascension, and Sanxian cut off their way until their lifespan is exhausted.

The way of heaven is the supreme rule for the operation of this world Birth and death of good and evil, wind, frost, rain and snow, thunder and flames, the law world of the heavens, diet to lose weight fast but healthy incense and wishes, all phenomena, everything is the embodiment of the power of the way of heaven.

Come here, just give it a try. After these words fell, the surrounding voices immediately quieted down.

Since ancient times, there have been fox wives and ghost concubines, mountain gods marrying wives, and ghosts welcoming marriages.

Before Ming Xiaoling s Shinto, all six swords in Emperor Wu s hands were damaged.

It is normal for common people not to know, and it is normal for monks in small temples keto 1250 pills not to know.

Although his appearance was ordinary, his eyes were as bright as torches.

fast. Using the road opened by this spell can greatly shorten the time to go back.

It takes only five days to reach the thirty day journey Wait for the battle The Ming court dispatched some gods.

I only blame my lack of cultivation, but Her Diet Pink Pill Review diet to lose weight fast but healthy I am afraid that my orthodoxy will be destroyed.

Although it is already an empty shell, the basic power still exists, Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy but before the inner scene magic card is not displayed, Ji Xiang himself does not know that the Jade Emperor is hiding.

My lord, forgive me. The Lantern Demon made an apology I just saw my lord talking with the fox girl and Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy snake girl just now, I m afraid I ll delay my lord s good business.

Cooperating with you now is just because of past hatred. Ji Xiang rubbed his chin thoughtfully, King Tianluo thought that Ji Xiang was thinking seriously, so he advised, Go back now and tell your king I believe he will make the right decision Wait a minute, weak rich man.

Biyou Palace, the strength of its control over the supernatural realm, has come to such a situation.

The surrounding situation was like It was a strong wind blowing back, meteorites falling into the world, vegetation and even solid rocks, all turned their directions and fell in all directions.

Taoist priest in soapy clothes, you are so insolent you dare to call us your descendants The hidden hall was found, and twenty demons appeared in the crowded hall.

The poor monk advises you not to fight in the corner, and there is still a chance of life if you can you buy weight loss gummies in stores catch diet to lose weight fast but healthy it with nothing Otherwise, today s Bodhisattva will be glaring, and the Vajra will subdue demons Jiang Quzi and l carnitina y orlistat Bai Wuzi also flew forward, riding the colorful auspicious clouds, with panic still on their faces.

Hou No, it s not just about locking the soul, there are problems with all aspects involving the soul.

And the bursts of power in Ji Xiang s body finally made him remember what existence was related to before he died.

In this Great Retribution Temple, are there any Nengshengming King and Six Paths Ksitigarbha Can you feel how prosperous the Buddhism around you is Actually, this is all arranged to suppress the power of another Buddha Lord.

The throne of Lu diet to lose weight fast but healthy Wang began to operate, and the blue faced fangs of King Invincible Shengming were fully displayed.

After all, the true spirit map was originally for Made by sealing up a page of the Immortal Scripture.

Just like this, he can become one of Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy the three gods valued by His Majesty Yuanhuang The only thing he is worthy of praise is that seriously weight loss when he was alive, he appointed himself as the generalissimo GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy and made Zongze his deputy.

The real Confucianism is it just medical weight loss energy crystals that you have the consciousness of Confucius saying benevolence and Meng saying righteousness in the ancient Spring and diet to lose weight fast but healthy Autumn Period Feng Menglong was provoked, and stared at him Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy Heaven and earth favor me, it s none of your business Let my wife go quickly What did you do when you took her away The young man said lightly I didn t do anything, I just asked her to prepare and inherit Maoshan s orthodoxy.

Because GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy there is no Dao in the mountains and rivers, there is the Hunyuan realm that deduces the incomplete law to the extreme.

Was told the method of surrender. At the same time, diet to lose weight fast but healthy a young Taoist priest in soap also appeared in their minds.

You don t even need to round up to know that you can t beat it. If you don t admit it at this time, when will you admit it But on the surface, the polite words still have to be clear Being a monster in this mountain has no way out.

He looked like an adult, and then stood at the door with the scriptures Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy in his arms, listening to a stern reprimand from a Taoist priest in Tsing Yi.

However, in the current Ming Dynasty, the folk teachings are even more legendary.

Sometimes not speaking was more effective than speaking. Sure enough, the old mage frowned deeply after diet to lose weight fast but healthy being tormented by Ji Xiang.

Among the three kings, Laihe Tianzun said in a complicated tone Endure the humiliation for a while, and diet to lose weight fast but healthy cherish the heart of a gentleman.

Who to help The two strongest people on Wudang Mountain, one is myself and the other is Zhang Sanfeng, they are both near Leizu Peak.

King Tianluo enters Zhang Xiucai s body, Changed his form and spirit, but now the form and spirit have been broken up, and Zhang Xiucai s own form and spirit have returned, and he is just like a dream.

actually She doesn t have these feelings. On the contrary, because of this unrestrained and slashing action of slaying demons, diet to lose weight fast but healthy although her divine power was weakened at this time, her spirit was unexpectedly full of energy, and she felt hearty, so happy After the yellow faced demon king finished speaking, after a few breaths, he found that the Yin Ping lady was still concentrated, gnc fastest weight loss pill and he couldn t help but wondered You don t you feel good now Lady in the Silver Vase can u lose weight by fasting every other day He didn t answer, and swept out with the golden gun with a move diet to lose weight fast but healthy of Tianhuojie The blue will o the wisp burned the clay sculpture temple into ashes, and diet to lose weight fast but healthy the yellow faced devil tore the blue and blue will o the wisp, furious You are dying, and you Her Diet Pink Pill Review diet to lose weight fast but healthy still have to fight trapped beasts I ll see how good you are Devil Tribulation starts The five demons in Ji Xiang s hands were spinning, and he heard Mingming s call.

He stood up, although the injury was serious, but the pure yang state recovered quickly, and his body surface rapid weight loss supplements even revealed a unique Buddhist light.

There are no eunuchs who clean up, and there are no maids in charge of cleaning and maintenance.

The sun and the moon also have eclipses. The descendants of Hongwu learned of the existence of diet to lose weight fast but healthy the Forbidden Zhutian and wanted to make up for this missing place Perhaps, from the very beginning, this Dharma Realm shouldn t have been born We have failed and embarked on the wrong path The black shadow does not seem to be a living person, nor is it a ghost or a god.

Zhang Sanfeng interjected. Ji Xiang was thoughtful Dharma Realm 30 Days Fat Loss k3 weight loss pills or something, or is it a diet to lose weight fast but healthy constructed illusion Those female ghosts on graves, mountain vixen, often engage in marriage or opera dramas, and in order to make the diet to lose weight fast but healthy married scholars feel at home, they will construct those illusions very realistically.

You are still useful. I will send you on the road after I solve the six cases.

Prince Liejie was certain That must be an escape technique. Lord Huo also has the fire diet to lose weight fast but healthy escape technique, but it s rare.

Liexian, Shijiexian, Remnant Immortal. There is nothing to fear. Half of the blood in my body has turned into green energy, and I am only half a step away from the peak of ascension.

It must be seconds The flames flickered, and the Xiaoling Guards who responded here would light the torches.

Lady Yin Ping had this thought in her heart, knowing this, she absolutely couldn t stop it.

Guixian relies on this little god to maintain the foundation of staying in the world diet to lose weight fast but healthy and open the door to practice.

At this time, it is no longer possible to say that they are still alive They are called False Immortals, but because they do not have the appearance of immortals, they are not worthy of the title of Immortals.

That s actually not enough Because I have waited a lot for the monks, but I didn t get k3 weight loss pills Does Calcium Supplements Cause Weight Loss any benefits from you The things of the Ming court belong Lose Weight Chinese Pills diet to lose weight fast but healthy to the Ming court, k3 weight loss pills Does Calcium Supplements Cause Weight Loss and the things I wait for belong to us The benefits of the country do not mean that I diet to lose weight fast but healthy can get GoTravel diet to lose weight fast but healthy benefits.

If anyone can t bear it. You can enter into my palm, go to Avici Hell, and get out of a catastrophe.

The diet to lose weight fast but healthy six dharma masters acted at the same time, and to drive the six groups of gods, they must use the Secret Book of the Supreme Nine Heavens Xuannv Slaying Evil.

Speaking of which, Ji Xiang thought that there was another treasure on his body related to Lingbao Tianzun.

He said what he said, and I said what I said. The county magistrate should take care of it now.

Ji Xiang It is the change here, what happened to the Forbidden City in the north Black Shadow It s time to touch the Dao of Heaven.

Once the statue was broken, the bones also grumbled Get out and fall into the corpse water.

Ji Xiang is also aware of this hidden ghost, and it is said that he has cultivated to the realm of pure yin, which is the highest practice of ghosts and immortals, and corresponds to the realm of pure yang.

Since this is the case, I will not be sealed anymore. My spirit will be scattered.

Good and evil have long been confused, don t believe in the judgment of the Tao, but believe in what you see and hear Chandala wanted to continue to say something, but diet to lose weight fast but healthy the grimace of the imprint of Hell Imprint immediately distorted.

Ji Xiang was about to raise his hand to summon thunder, but the big monster suddenly bowed down with a bang, released Wang Sen s head, and offered a bunch of purple incense with both hands The little demon in Osmanthus Mountain is called Ganlang.

During the incident in Dingjia City, he didn t seem to stay till the end Speaking of which, the damn Biyou Palace even destroyed my fairy artifact If this fairy belonged to us back then, my fairy artifact should still be preserved.

Hearing this response, the Donghua fairy felt very uncomfortable. It was exactly as she expected.

Don t end with facing death. After all, you can still become a ghost after death, and continue to feel fear Ji Xiang silently recited the holy words There are no two ways in the world, and saints have no two robin mcgraw diet pills hearts Sacrifice a relatively powerful formation in Maoshan, and the true meaning of the Three Teachings began to help Ji Xiang to deduce it The new formation gradually took shape, covering the outer formation of the Suotian Great Formation in a state visible to the naked eye.

He will take care of everything in the world, such as offering sacrifices to Taoist sects, and subduing demons This token is unrecognizable to others, but how could Wudang not recognize it Immediately, several sect leaders watched closest thing to diet pills closely, their expressions were shocked, and they quickly cupped their hands, saying that the Lord is above, and then slowly backed away This kind of change made other Wudang monks puzzled.

In this way, you have become the immortals of chaos, and you can exert some influence on the human world.

Wouldn t it be nice to be happy and carefree in this mountain Da Yao secretly thought that he met you, so he can still feel at ease When I saw it for the first time, I how does one shot keto pills work didn t bow down immediately.

Although you were assassinated, 30 Days Fat Loss k3 weight loss pills it indirectly made my Wudang rise.

At that time, Emperor Ming is Emperor Song, Ming Fa is Song Fa, and there is no difference between them.

Immortal bone immortal body immortal soul, this is the perfect body, born immortal saint.

Once they attain the Tao, they return from ignorant ghosts and souls to their original owners, and become immortals immediately.

Of course, there were also people with backgrounds among the scholars, crying and howling to make these brothers pay the price in blood and tears.

Except for the empty shell, which is for Huizong, which Song emperor should be given to the other three gods This was decided by Taizong Red And Black Fat Burning Pills and His Majesty Yuanhuang.

It cannot accept too much killing. When killing monsters, one diet to lose weight fast but healthy must also pay attention to the God has the virtue of good life, and one should not kill too many.

They appeared together at this time, like the two generals Heng Ha, the sound shook the sky, and countless Bailian disciples and guard soldiers were so shocked that they vomited blood.

I am like a diligent farmer, tending my fields. Anyone with a heart of Tao has a ray of devilish energy By the way, maybe you, an immortal, also 30 Days Fat Loss k3 weight loss pills have a devilish energy in your heart.

My surname is Yao. As for the name, it is insignificant. As diet to lose weight fast but healthy you have seen, it is the God of Fortune, the God of Wealth. Mr.

The Heavenly Demon possesses great wisdom. How can he fail to learn it Once you realize nothingness, you will naturally master it.

Fairy Donghua just sighed, but Ji Xiang didn t dare to neglect and continued to practice Among the remaining courses, Lesson 13 is the Chapter of Elimination, Lesson 14 is the Chapter of Wisdom, Lesson 15 is the Chapter of Introduction, and Lesson 16 is the Chapter of Trying the Way That is to say, only after practicing to the sixteenth class, can diet to lose weight fast but healthy one be qualified to lead others to be tested by a demon Chapter 197 Tianzun s Mission The part written by Lingbao Tianzun is only up to the seventeenth lesson.